Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Monday, December 22, 2014

Back with Gord's

I went to bed early last night in hopes of getting some rest for this mornings workout. I slept like a baby, in other words I was up every hour and could not sleep. I finally crawled out of bed a 3 am to get ready to head to the pool to meet Gords. On the way to the pool I got 2 texts from Gord's saying he was going to be late, dead car battery. The second text was to let me know he was on his way. I promised Chandra that I would stop texting and driving so sorry Gord's no reply from me. I got to the pool and from memory this is what I did.

2 x 200's free warm up
1 x 100 kick

played in pool until Gordon showed up

11 x 100's free
1 x 1000 free
20 x 50's one arm fly back breast free (each stroke 5 times)
3 x 300's pull ( agility paddles freestyle paddles and finger tip paddles)
20 x 100's descending
200 cool down

I needed to get to work so I shorted myself 5 - 100's and the 200 cool down. So i will be going back to the pool tonight to finish my work out. Also Gord's asked if I was working Wed. or not and that I should come to South Davis where he coaches that morning. It looks like I will be seeing you twice this week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Watch New Beginnings

So I’m back in the pool again starting to get back into shape for my EC attempt in September. I had a short conversation with Gord’s about what he would like to see me swim this year in preparation for the EC and with that conversation it looks like I will be swimming from Black Rock beach to White Sands Beach in the GSL or the other direction depending on the wind. HE said that if I can complete that swim it would more than ready me for the EC because of the high salt levels. With swimming in the GSL I also get the waves, swells, and Current pretty close that I might see in the Channel. So it looks like sometime in May I will be swimming this course. It will be 20 miles in the GSL.

My workout from yesterday is below, I forgot how out of swimming shape I would be in and push thru the workout. My legs are on fire today from all the kick sets, but I'm really going to push myself for the next 9 ½ months to be the best I can be in the channel.

Objective: Focus on an efficient pull, avoid any kind of cross-over.
Warmup: 800- 400 free easy, 200 kick, 200 choice

Main Set:
400 free @ 75% - count your strokes per 25 and maintain that count through the whole set
250 - 10 x 25's kick on :30

350 free @ 75% - Maintain the same count per 25
250-5 x 50's kick on 1:10

300 free @ 80% - Maintain the same count per 25
200 - 8 x 25's kick on :30

250 free @ 80% - Maintain the same count per 25
200-4 x 50's kick on 1:10

200 free @ 85% - Maintain the same count per 25. If you're not, especially focus on a tight streamline off the wall, (Head down)!
150- 6 x 25's kick on :30

150 free @ 85% - Maintain the same count per 25. If you're not, especially focus on a tight streamline off the wall, (Head down)!
150-3 x 50's kick on 1:10

100 free@ 90%- You guessed it.  Keep the same count.
100-4 x 25's kick on :30

100- 2 x 50's kick easy (recovery)

Drills: 600-8 x 75's- Scull/Drill/Swim by 25 :15 seconds rest

400-8 x 50's left arm only, right arm only by 25 :10 rest

Warm down: 300 Choice

5,300 yards total

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Playing with the Monster

After taking a couple of day to let my swim sink in I figured I better do a report of it. I went up to Bear Lake Tuesday morning after I got off work to check on water temps. When I got there I took a temp from the marina and it read 63 degrees. I walked over to where we started the 7 mile swim and waded out to knee deep water and it read 61.8 degrees. I walked back to the truck and called Gords. he said lets do it. I then sent out texts to my crew and drove home to get things ready. On the way up to the lake I was picking up Sara and Gords, Sue met me and Chandra at our house. we were talking about swimming and other things and drove right past the exit to get Sara and had to turn around to get her. I was then smart enough to get off the exit to get Gords and we headed straight to the marina. We got everything loaded into the boat and I went over my feed schedule and asked Gords if he wanted to be in charge. I told him that if I needed to be pulled to not second guess himself and to pull me. with the colder water temps hypothermia was an issue. I asked Sara for a prayer and we launched the boat and were off to the north shore. when we got there the bank was perfect if I was going to go duck hunting but not good to start a swim. Gords looked at hid GPS and we were about 1 mile away from the marina and headed that way. it was really dark the night sky was only lit by the stars and we almost hit the break wall. Sara turned on a light in just the right time. we decided this is where I was going to start and I started to grease up. I got out of the boat and pushed them off and crawled over to where I thought I could get in easy. I started my watch and stepped into the water to fall down, so much for easing into it. I stood back up and walked to where it was deep enough I could swim and took off. my first feed was scheduled for an hour away and I got myself into a good groove and at the first feed I said has it been an hour already? swimming thru the night was quite fun with every breath I could see the sky full of stars and the Milky Way was lit bright. my feet got cold but with every swim I do they tend to get cold, so no worries there. every 30 minutes I would take a feed and try to get back into a good groove. the lake was smooth as glass for most of the swim until I got into the middle. there was some good chop but nothing like I haven't swam thru before. I got thru the chop and the lake returned to glass. I remember saying at one of my feeds that it was a great day to be swimming. At my 6 hour mark for the EC qualifier I asked how the temps were doing and Gords said not good. I was kinda pissed off that the water was not cold enough but I was here to swim the length of Bear Lake, so I stuck my head in the water and kept knocking off the miles one hand in front of the other. Towards the end of the swim I knew my stroke had gone away and I was slapping the water and not getting a good pull. I was getting tired. After a feed Gords told me anchors and made a stroke motion and it sunk in what I needed to do. My lower back was killing me and my right shoulder was now trash and my left hand was numb. Gords yelled 1 and 1/4 miles to go. I said no more feeds.  Gords got in the kayak and was going to paddle the rest of the way in with me. the wind picked up and started blowing right into my face and I was swimming thru white caps. I raised my head and told Gords that I didn't thing I was going anywhere. I could see the bottom, I could not touch it and it looked like I was moving 1 inch per stroke. My mind was all over the place then I thought scuba, if its rough on the surface go under water. I tried to swim under water but that didn't work either, so I pushed with everything I had. I finally made it to where I could stand up and started walking out. while I was walking out I ran into some broken off reeds and fell down a few times trying to get thru them. Gords told be 20 yard away was a clearing to head that way. I finally made it out of the water and walked up to the beach and sat down. I had just swam the length of Bear Lake in just over 13 hours. Gords came over to me and gave me a High Five, it was one of the best high fives I have ever had.

here is my information from the swim stolen from Gords!
MileTimeElapsed time this mileTempStroke rateFeed *ConditionsNotes
11:18 am33 min62° F65 spmNoneGlassySue learning to drive and doing well
21:51 am33 min62° F65 spmLiquid mixGlassySue is an awesome pilot! Chad looking smooth
32:24 am33 min63° F63-64 spmLiquid mixGlassyChad is a machine! Gords concerned about the higher than desired water temps, but no reason to stop.
42:58 am34 min65° F (two separate readings)64 spmLiquid mixGlassyWater almost feels warm to the touch. Extending the thermometer to about 2 feet down. Same reading on thermometer
53:33 am35 min63° F62 spmLiquid mix + Swiss RollA little breeze from the north (tailwind)
64:10 am37 min64° F61 spmLiquid mixAir temp is 62°, water is warmer than air temp.Chad says his back hurts.
74:50 am40 min64° F (two separate readings)61 spmLiquid mix and aBuzz BiteWind from the south, getting choppy.Like a doofus I accidentally stepped on the mercury reading thermometer and it broke. I will submerge my watch to get a digital reading. I'm getting really sleepy. Asked Sarah to resume observing duties while I sleep for one hour and I should be good.
85:29 am39 min65° F60 spmLiquid mixStill pretty choppyChad's stroke rate is dropping, but he is in good spirits. Doesn't say much. Feeds are very quick.
96:15 am46 min64° F59 spmLiquid mixLess wind, chop turns to ripples now.Light on the horizon. When I awoke from my 1 hour nap I feel very. Chad's stroke rate is slowing. Says his feet are cold, but his core feels fine. His speech isn't slurred. Will continue to monitor his condition at feeds for hypothermia.
107:02 am43 min63° F59 spmLiquid mix, Buzz Bite and Swiss RollLess wind, chop turns to ripples now.Chad asked what the temp was. We told him and he seemed a little disappointed. I explained we still submit, and if it isn't accepted as a qualifier we try a different swim at the needed temp. He went right back to swimming.
117:53 am51 min62° F59 spmLiquid mixHardly a breeze now, just some ripplesThe sun is up and it feels great.
12.58:59 amN/A61 spmLiquid mix, Buzz Bite, IbuprofenNo wind now, nice and smooth!I ask if Sue wants to pace swim with him so I take over piloting the boat while she changes. The throttle has a little "click" that takes it into first gear and then after only a few seconds of steering throttle to neutral and coast. Chad is now at a point where he's never swam this far before. Chad tells Sue he is feeling a little cold. He puts on his tinted goggles.
139:23 amN/A63.162 spmLiquid mixGlassySue pace swims. Chad's stroke is less efficient. Sue is making him increase his stroke rate though, so that is good.
1410:06 am43 min6362 spmLiquid mixGlassyChad comments "What a beautiful day!" I think I saw him smile. That is extremely rare. Sue got out a while, ago but I continue to drive. It's kinda fun. Easy to observe him and pilot cause I gotta keep the boat right at his pace.
1510:53 am47 min6364 spmLiquid mix, Buzz BiteGlassyChad's stroke rate is up. He asked how much further. Seemed to like the "3 1/2" response. In good spirits. Air temp is toasty!
1611:36 am40 min6460 spmLiquid mix, Swiss RollSlight rippleSarah gets in to pace swim. She has to slow down. Chad seems tired, but steady. Chad requests Advil next feed. Beach is visible from here. Sue takes over piloting.
17no readingN/Ano readingno readingLiquid mix, IbuprofenSlight rippleAt this feed Sarah accidentally loses the pen and it floats away while Chad takes his liquid and Advil. I untie the kayak and jump in to get the pen. We're close enough now that I can paddle and be ready to capture some video.
18no readingN/Ano readingno readingnoneSee NotesHad a slight tailwind breeze, notice up ahead that the water has serious ripples, once we get there the wind completely shifts from southerly to northerly and we have some serious headwind. Very windy. Chad comments to me that he feels like he isn't going anywhere. Wind is directly at our 12 o'clock and we have white horses!
19 (Finish)13:55:16N/Ano readingno readingnoneSee NotesI paddled into shore and noticed a small black patch. When he arrived there he started walking and the black patch were a bunch of reeds that made it really hard for him to walk over, I noticed that the patch ended about 20 yards off to his left and encouraged him to walk around instead of straight in to avoid them. He fell a couple times cause they hurt to walk over and too thick to navigate through. When he arrived on the beach he sat down to soak it in. I let him soak in his success without smothering him. I gave him a high five and he got lots of cheers from the girls on the boat waiting about 200 yards off shore.

below are some pictures from my swim.

Me and Gords Looking at the weather before the swim

Somewhere on the lake
Night swimming
Sara taking notes
The Main Man on a girls boat
Captain Sue
Awesome wife and feed maker
Getting close to done
Made it 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Still swimming

So I have started the shutdown at work and I am working some crazy hours, but I have been swimming still and I am making time for my training. Thanks Gords for meeting me last night for my workout and the pointers on my stroke. I got to the pool a little before he did and I did 1000 warm up and 100 with PT paddles. When Gords got there he had a workout ready and we were off. The total workout was 6500 yards and it felt good for the first time in a couple of weeks. I still have a bad cough and I am getting g better. I take a cold shower every night followed by my 5 year old dumping 2 bags of ice over me. He really likes it and says Dad you are crazy. Getting used to the cold water in hopes I can complete my Bear Lake swim next week. I would but the details of my workout in this post but I downloaded the app because I won't be close to a computer for a bit. Next work out will be tonight and will post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

afternoon swim

This afternoon I made up for this morning and this is what I did.

300 easy warmup
200 kick

400 - 2 x 200 on 3:00
100 back

500 free get under 8:00 I got 7:50

800 - 4 x 200 free on 3:00

200 - 4 x 50 kick with fins on :55 I got a major cramp in my thigh and had to stop to get it out half way thru this

500 free get under previous time I got 7:40

600 - 3 x 200 free on 3:00

400 - 4 x 100 IM one arm for the fly portion
500 free match the previous time I got 7:50

1000 - 10 x 100 free on 1:30 my but was a draging

500 warm down I did a mixture of free with PT paddles and back

6000 SCY total

now off I go for a cold shower and Ice bath

I did swim

So I did swim yesterday after being off for several days being sick. I just cant seem to shake this bug that I got. I was feeling a lot better when I went to the pool and actually did 6000 yards in between coughing fits. and when I got home I promptly ate dinner and took a cold shower followed by my ice bath. when I woke up late to meet Gords at the pool I have a really nasty cough and not feeling myself again. so here is the workout I did yesterday.

Gords called it the Double Momma Workout.

Warm up 250 free 150 non free choice 200 pull

Warm up drill set:
4 x 25 flutter kick on your side on :35
4 x 50 ( 25 back 25 free)
focus on a strong kick and keeping your hips high on the backstroke portion

Main Set:
8 x 200
odds: 50 back - technique focus/150 free moderate on 3:00
evens  50 back build 50 back strong 100 free fast on 3:15

on the technique focus portion, focus on 1 of these 3 things:

1 - pointing your toes and kicking through the hip and not the knees

2 - reaching high on each arm recovery imagine you were trying to scrape your ear with your bicep

3 - pinky in as you begin your stroke and thumb out as you finish your stroke

Kick Set:
4 x 25 flutter kick with board held in tombstone position - rest :15
4 x 50 streamline kick moderate 25 dolphin or breast kick 25 flutter kick - rest :20

Warm down:
200 easy choice

Then I repeated it one more time through.

I feel really bad about not being able to set an alarm and then waking up late. I was out of the house in 5 minutes but Gords had already left. He now has my permission for a slap to the back of the head when I see him again. I did not swim this morning, but on my way home from work the pool will be calling my name. I will update later tonight.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

back to the pool

Last nite I went to the pool as promised and this is what I did.

1000 free easy
1000 - 10 x 100's with paddles on 1:30
1000 free focus on finger tip entry
1000 - 10 x 100's back/breast drill 5 seconds rest
1000 free 80 % effort
1000 - 10 x 100's swim odds with fists evens normal
1000 - 2 x 500's first one 85% effort second one at 90 % effort ( neg split)
200 easy

total 7200 SCY

I also swam in the GSL this morning. it was great to get back out there. I forgot how much I really enjoy that place and its buoyancy. I also need to find some PT paddles

GSL .82 miles

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So this week I have been really slacking in the swimming department. I only swam for about an hour on Monday at Bear Lake. I didn't even get a mile in swimming next to Kelly. My knees were really sore from swimming sidestroke and other made up strokes during the hour. I did not swim yesterday morning because of the sleep deprivation that I had from his crossing. I was planning on swimming last night but forgot about the Offspring concert that Chandra and I went to. 40 year old in a young GA  crowd I got a work out keeping people off of Chandra. So I will swim tonight and the rest of the week to get caught up with my training......I promise.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Early morning Pool swim

I finally got my lazy self out of bed this morning and got to the pool at 4:15 and was in the water by 4:30 and this is what I did.

400 free warm up
400 kick with fins

1000 free
500 kick with fins 100 flutter, 100 dolphin, 100 back stroke, 100 back dolphin 100 flutter
250 back stroke

1000 - 400 free on 6:30 300 free on 4:45 200 free on 3:10 100 free get under 1:30
400 kick with fins - 200 flutter 200 dolphin
50 breast stroke

Butt Kicker Set
600 free 20 seconds rest 400 seconds free 15 seconds rest 500 seconds free 10 seconds rest 300 free 5 seconds rest 400 free no rest, open turn right into 300 free

200 cool down

I was supposed to do a 500 cool down but ran out of time and had to get out to go to work the butt kicker set really kicked my butt. I am really tired mainly because I have been burning the  candle at both ends this week. my hand is getting better by the day and there was virtually no pain during this mornings swim

6800 SCY today

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Distance Day

I ended up going to the pool this evening again and it was 1000 times better than yesterday. I was the only one in the pool until I started my cool down. this is what I did.

1000 warm up
100 kick with board
4 x 500 free 20 seconds rest hold steady pace and don't differ more than 10 seconds
3 x 600 free 15 seconds rest continue to hold pace
2 x 500 free 10 seconds rest

100 kick with board cool down

I struggled at the start of the workout trying to get my mind in the right place. once I got going I felt the best I have in the water in over two weeks. The main issue I have been having is that I let my mind wander all over the place. I need to stay focused.

6000 SCM tonight

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back into the swing of things

So my alarm went off at 3:00 this morning and it was all I could do to shut it off. I decided to sleep in and just swim this afternoon when I got home from work. I finally got to the pool at 6:30 this evening and this is what I did.

600 free warm up

400 free @ 70 % bilateral breathing
400 IM Drill one are fly for the fly portion

500 free @ 80 % effort get time
rest 30 seconds
300 - 100 back 100 free 100 back
500 free @85 % effort try to beat the first 500 time by 10 seconds ( I beat it by 6 seconds)

rest 1 minute

600 free strong (take the last 500 time add 1:30 to it and try to get under that time) I hit it right on the money!
400 kick alternate flutter, dolphin, on stomach and back per 100 with fins
400 - 4 x 100 free on 1:40
 rest 30 seconds

500 - 5 x 100 free 10 second rest hols steady pace
300 - 4 x 75 free, back, one arm fly drill by 25 on 1:20
500 - 5 x 100 free with 5 seconds rest between each and hold steady pace

100 easy cool down

I will got to bed early so I can get sleep. swimming in the afternoon sucks. ended having to share a lane towards the end and it made it harder to complete my workout because he was allover the lane. I will be back at it again in the morning. Hand is doing OK it is a little tender after tonight's swim but it is getting better.

500 SCY total for today.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Longest swim since Deer Creek

I text back and forth with Gord's last night and decided we would meet at 4 am for a 3/4 work out. I got up at 3 and had a lite breakfast and was off to the pool. as I pulled into the parking lot I got a text from Gords saying he was there and waiting for me. I looked around and did not see him and when I text him back we were at two different places. I hoped back on the freeway and went to the other 24hour fitness next to the freeway and hurried an got in for my warm up. Today's workout was not easy nor hard, it was mainly focusing on my form and stroke. I did several different sets of hand placement in the water and hip driven free. I had started with my hand taped up but it did not last long. I need to figure out something different to keep the tape on. I did 3700 yards this morning and my shoulders feel great, the only thing that really bothered me was my hips and upper thighs. that was most likely the kick sets that I did. I also noticed that after taking last week really easy in myself that I had lost a lot in the water. It was a gentle reminder that I need to keep swimming all winter long if I am going to be successful in the channel next year. So first real workout since the hand issue is in the books, looking forward to the 5500 yard workout tomorrow morning.

On a side note as I was getting pushed out of the pool by the water aerobics instructor she asked Gord's if he was a coach. I replied for him saying yes. We found out that her husband swam the Bear Lake Monster Swim this year and she seamed really happy with the race. Small world !

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back in the pool

I went to the pool last night not knowing how far or how much pain I would be in, but I went with an open mind to see what I could do. I took the splints off my hand and taped it up really good to keep my knuckles from trying to separate and the taped my pinkie to my ring finger. while I was doing this I was sitting on the deck watching an older gentleman swim laps and smelling the chlorine. I had really missed to pool that is something I never would have imagined that I would miss. I hopped in the water and started to swim at a snails pace taking it really easy and not pulling hard at all. I remembered at Deer Creek that my pinkie was flailing allover the place from the resistance of the water. I had zero pain so I kicked it up to a good pace and started to feel pressure building in my hand, I decided to keep going to see what was going to happen. My hand started to hurt some, about a 3 on the pain scale. so I decided to stop for the evening. I looked at my watch and I had swam 1000 SCM. I was really happy with the result. so my plan forward is to swim 1500 SCM tonight and 3000 Friday. I will then get back to my normal routine on Monday with the steady butt kicking workouts that Gords puts together for me. when I got home I iced my hand and took some precautionary Advil. I slept with out my brace on as well. I go back to the Dr. today and I will see how much longer I have to wear this stupid thing, I want it off being left handed has made my life interesting to say the least the past few days. I plan to the her I will wear it at work and tape for swims but when I'm home I don't want to wear it. we will see how that goes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 2 of ouchy fingers

today is day 2 of fingers hurting. the swelling has pretty much subsided and I think I will try to swim tomorrow afternoon. I never believed that I would miss swimming this much and want to get into the water. I have a goal to complete and there is nothing going to stop me!

Monday, August 11, 2014

1st day of healing up and 300 mile hump

I woke up at 5:30 and felt like I had slept in for days. first time in a while that I haven't been up super early to swim. I entered my mileage from Saturdays race and realized I am over the 300 mile hump for the year. Shoulders are good from the race, right one hurts more that usual but I was favoring my left side most of the race, so that's understandable. The swelling in my hand has gotten a little better, but it is still super sore. You can only imagine all the things I hit my fingers on that I have never noticed before. We will see how I feel tomorrow and go from there.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Deer Creek 10 mile race report

Yesterday I got up on time and I had everything loaded in the truck that I was going to need, or so I thought. I realized about 2/3ds of the way to the lake that I forgot the paddle for the kayak. I turned around and got it. I also found out that from my house to Deer Creek is 42 minutes away without getting a speeding ticket. When I pulled down to the launch ramp Gords and Josh started helping me unload and the whisked my kayak down closer to the starting line. Gords and Josh also got all 5 swimmers that were going to complete the Utah Triple Crown and took a picture with all of us. I got signed in and started to get ready. Jim gave the pre race safety meeting and did the raffle. he said the the 10 mile would be starting in 10 minutes, so I greased up a little more heavy than last week and got in the water to go. We took a group picture with all of the 10 mile swimmers and then lined up for the start. Jim counted down and we were off. The start was no where near as hectic as last weekend and it seamed everyone found there groove and was settling in for the 10 mile swim. I felt really good like the water was just flowing around me with not resistance. I have been really focusing on my stroke to get all I can get out of it and felt better in the water than I ever have felt before. between 1-1/2 miles and 2 miles some of the 10k swimmers had started to catch me which is fine most of those guys I couldn't keep up with anyway. I was in a good grove and not concerned with nothing but beating my time from 2 years ago. I looked over at my kayaker and he had been trying to tell me something, I shortened up a stroke to raise my head out of the water and WHAM I just high fived a kayak with the tips of my fingers on my left hand. The pain instantly shot into my elbow and I could feel every beat of my heart in my pinkie. I stopped and the lady that hit me had a puzzled look on her face. I said some things that I probably should of not said to her, the nicest being I have a bright orange cap on my head and next to a bright green kayak and you cant see me? I could not feel my hand and I went over to the bank to where I could stand up to look at my hand. when I brought my hand out of the water, Instantly I knew at the very least is was dislocated. as I stood there for a minute I had every emotion run thru my head and then I had one that said you are getting nothing done standing there. So I started to swim again and made it about 25 strokes and stopped again. I was hurting pretty badly and then the thought of quitting came over my mind. As I treaded water for what seamed like 20 minutes but was sure it was more like 1 or 2 I told myself that the last 3 years something had happened where I couldn't finish the triple crown and that I have never quit anything and if it took me all day that I was going to finish this. I made it to the 10k turn around and almost quit again. My kayaker had a strange look on his face as he was heading to the 5 mile turn around point, so I followed him. I got to the turn around point and with every stroke I was coming up with new curse words that should never be heard, but I kept plugging away. I finally got to the 5k turn around buoy and knew I only had 1.5 miles to go. with every pull with my left hand my pinkie was just bending and going where the water wanted it to go, but I kept pulling harder, the next thing I knew I was done. 10 miles in the bag I got out and asked for ice. I told Jim and Josh what had happened and learned that the same person wrecked half of the 10k group. Every one helped get my stuff loaded up and I drove to the insta care place in Provo.

I had an  x-ray and then the Dr came in to tell me that it was broke, my heart hit the floor. I have a huge swim coming up and now I was screwed. as she set up everything to but me in a cast I started to plead with her. I told her that I had a qualifying swim next month for the English Channel and that this was going to make it so I couldn't swim. With all my rambling and probably crying she said that she could splint it and wrap it so I could swim. I asked her how long before I could swim and she said to tape it up and try in 4 to 5 days that if it hurt to wait a few more. In my mind I heard 2 to 3 days and tape the shit out of it. She got it wrapped up and showed my how to tape it and said good luck at the English Channel. I got back home and told Chandra what had happened, this was my first swim without here there so I told her it was her fault and laughed. So it looks like I will have a few days off and be back in the water on Wednesday. I also realized this morning how bad my right shoulder hurt. I know it was because I was basically swimming with one arm. so Ice and Ibuprofen and then swim in 2 days. 

This race as always with any race the Utah Open Water Group puts on was very well put together safety craft was allover the place and the people were great to be around. I am getting spoiled by the great races we have here in Utah! Special thanks to Jim Hubbard, Gordon Gridley, Josh Green and there wives for letting them put these things on.

                                            2 of the coolest people you will ever meet
                                         the pain had set it
                                          yep not as fast as I wanted to be but DONE
                                            at the finish
                                          my stroke is looking better
                                         at the start with all the 10 mile swimmers

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Saddened day today

I got to the pool a little late and I was hurrying to get in for my final taper before my 10 mile swim on Saturday. This is what Gords had me do.

500 Warm Up

2 x's thur

400 free @80 % effort
45 seconds rest

300 free @85 % effort
1 minute rest

200 free @90% effort
1:30 rest

100 free all out get under 1:15 ( I got 1:17)
2 minutes rest

500 cool down

Total 3,000 yards

I just read Gords blog and to tell you the truth, I'm  saddened by his shoulder problem that has been ongoing for him. I really look up to him and what he has accomplished. The man has swam the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. He has given me guidance and help and has always been very humble. He has really helped me out with my swimming and given me his 100% support on my quest to swim the English Channel. I know I have some shoulder issues as well and with his support and knowledge I am sure we can avoid the same issues or at the very least help me decide what to swim and how long depending on my shoulders. Gords has decided to take a year off and re access his situation and I can promise that he has my 100% support in his decision and the path he chooses for himself.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tapering down

Got to the pool early this morning and this is the workout I did.

200 easy warm up

6 x 600's free
 first three go @80% the time difference on those should be around 10 seconds max. try to maintain and try to keep them within 5 seconds of each other

second 3 @85%try to go about 10 seconds faster as well as maintain

200 easy cool down

Total for today 4,000 yards

like I said I got to the pool really early and I got done with this work out at 4:30 so I went back home and crashed for about an hour. I woke back up and was craving a Slurpee. This is a first for me, so I took care of the craving and now I want another one. Shoulders are doing well I iced them again last light and it only took the 200 warm up to get loosened up today and no ibuprofen today. Gord's turned me on to a device by Polar care. Its a cyrotherapy ice machine that he used after his shoulder surgery and really helped him. he offered it up for use and I found a brand new on on EBAY for 90 bucks. I figured with my swimming and all the kids sports it would come in handy at our house so its on its way. Thanks Gord's

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A little pool time

Chandra kicked my butt out of bed this morning at 3:00 I ate some breakfast and headed over to the gym and this is the workout that I did.

600 warm up

Main Set:
4 x 200 free 50  stroke 200 free
1st 50 back
2nd 50 breast
3rd 50 one arm fly
4th 50 kick

Butt Kicker Set:
4 x 200's free
1st 6 seconds rest
2nd 4 seconds rest
3rd 2 seconds rest
4th pull with buoy and paddles

3 x 200's
1st 5 seconds rest
2nd 3 seconds rest
3rd take off paddles and buoy and start on next 30 or 60

2 x 200's
1st go at 80% rest :30
2nd go at 90% rest 1:00

1 x 200
100% effort get under 2:45 ( I got 2:43)

Gord's called that set the butt kicker set I think I will rename it to Turn Shoulders into Hamburger Set!

Breathing and body Roll focus
10 x 50's free on 1:00
odds bilateral breathe
evens breathe only on left side

100 easy Cool down

Total for today was 5000 yards

This workout was intense. My shoulders are still a little sore from the race last Friday but I need to push on and get ready for Deer Creek this weekend. looking forward to the next 2 days for taper!

Monday, August 4, 2014

2nd workout with Coach Gord's

After talking to Gord's last night we decided it was safer to swim in the pool rather than up to Pineview because of the lightning. I was off work today and was able to meet at a more reasonable hour but with that in mind we were going to run into the water aerobic problem. Sometimes we can get a lane and just swim, but most of the time you get kicked out all together. I did some checking and found a 24 hour fitness closer to Gord's work and no conflicts in the water. I met Gord's at the pool at 5:30 and by the time I got in the water it was closer to 6:00 I jumped in and this is what I did.

Warm up:
300 free
200 kick
100 PT paddles

my shoulders were pretty loose but starting to bother me during the 100 PT paddle set

Main Set:
4 x 100's on 1:40
4 x 50's drill on :50
4 x 200's free on 3:00 (pull on 4th one)
4 x 50's backstroke on :50
4 x 300's free on 4:40 pull on 4th one
4 x 50's kick w/board on 1:15
4 x 400's free on 6:40 pull on 4th
4 x 50's easy breathe only on left side on 1:00  (this was really hard for me I have always breathed just to my right)

Butt Kicker:
4 x 100's free get all at or below 1:23 on 2:00 interval
(it got 1:18, 1:20, 1:20, 1:20)

200 warm down

Total 6,000 SCY

By the end of this workout my left shoulder was really bothering me so I went home and took 800 mg of ibuprofen and now the Icing of the shoulders begins. This was a great workout and it felt good to get back in the water after my 11 mile swim Friday. Looking forward to the 10 mile this Saturday at Deer Creek.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dam to Dam The Great Moose Migration

Thursday I left town for the 11 mile swim just outside of Boise Idaho at Luck Peak Lake. I stopped and picked up Josh, Ryan and Justin for the trek up north. I also stopped by and picked up the Spot GPS from Gord's as well. after what seamed like forever we arrived at our hotel and got checked in and headed over to the conference room for the pre race check in and safety briefing. Josh and I were the only two from out of state we picked up our shirts and had a few snacks. I finally got to meet Oscar "Moosie" and chatted with him and got some specifics on where we would meet in the morning. Chandra took CJ and Emma down to the pool and I tried to sleep but my mind was going in 200 different directions after she came up to the room everyone lay ed down for some sleep. I slept like a baby that night. That's right I woke up every hour on the hour just like a baby. I was afraid that I would miss my alarm and be late to the lake. my alarm went off and I met everyone down in the lobby and we loaded up and we were off. We got to the lake and it was where we would be finishing and the wind was blowing quite hard. the only good thing about the direction of the wind was it would be pushing us to the finish. we loaded back up and made our way to the starting point and started to get things ready to go. Josh and I were still getting greased up when everyone was in the water. to get to the edge of the water was a really steep trail and about 12 inches of shore before you were in the water. Moosie told us that it was going to be that way and we had to drag the kayaks down to the water. I got into the water and started the Spot GPS so that it would be going when we started. the water felt great! it was a little chilly but great. I did not take a temp but I would guess that it was mid to upper 60's. Moosie did a count down and we were off. The start of the race was my only complaint I soon realised that we were swimming with a bunch of tri swimmers and all I could figure is that they like to swim in packs and draft and grope. I haven't had that much action in a long time. I stopped so that everyone could get a head of me and then I took off again, this time I cut way wide and passed most of them. I got into a good groove and before I knew it 2 miles were down and I was stopping for my first feed. I stopped every 30 minutes after the first hour for feeds during the whole race. At every feed I had Perpetuem and every 3rd I had squeezable apple sauce. at about mile 3-1/2 there was a crazy wind and the current was just as crazy. I fought and basically sprinted for 2 miles begging for it to go away. I got behind quite a bit during this mess and I could remember Moosie saying the last 3 mile were always tough because of the wind. I finally got out of it and caught a tail wind and started making up some ground. I could see Josh when I took my feeds and was actually catching him. the swim was one of the best as far as views goes there was shear cliffs, nice grassy areas, rolling hills. This lake had it all. when I swam by one of the camp grounds I could smell the camp fire and I thought bacon. the last 3 miles that I was dreading was great there was no current and the lake was pretty smooth. one of the things I did see quite often was the rescue boats. I knew that I was being looked after and they seamed like they were always close. That was a good thing because we had to wave one down to ask for directions double checking that we were going the right way. I could finally see the finish area and told Justin I was skipping my next feed and would just swim the rest of the way. once I figured out that I was swimming towards the swimming platform and swimming area I adjusted and headed for Joshes kayak and walked out of the water. I did not even see the chute I was supposed to go thru until Chandra and Josh pointed it out to me. I stopped my watch and my time was 6:07 and 11.47 miles according to my GPS. I walked over to the tables and downed a diet dew and peanut butter cups wile watching the others finish. When I finished I felt really good and could of swam further and I actually wanted to keep going I enjoyed that lake that much. The swim went off with out a hitch and everyone finished no one was pulled. it was very well put together and I will defiantly be back next year.  The workouts that Gord's has been giving me have really helped I can feel my speed picking up. when I was struggling thru that bad 2 miles I kept invisioning him slapping the back of my head saying "bend your wrist" get everything out of your stroke. With this swim I felt 200 time better in the water than I did at Bear Lake and I'm back to my 30 min. mile. Thanks Gords!

By the way this distance is half of the English Channel and I feel like I'm right on track again foe my crossing next year!

                                                            CJ saying good job dad
                                                      Stopping my watch DONE!
                                                Why don't I get to sleep on the way home?
                                                                 Looking for the finish
                                                              Me and Josh the "Utards"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Taper day 1

today I was a little late getting to the pool but I figured it was fine because I had a taper work out and would still miss the water aerobics. I hopped right in the pool and this is what I did.

Warm up
400 Free 100 Back

main set
4 x 100 free on 1:40
rest 1 minute
4 x 200 free on 3:00
rest 1 minute
2 x 400 free on 5:50
rest 2 minutes
4 x 100 free on 1:30

Cool down about 60% effort
 200 yard back
100 breast
100 free

total 3,300 yards

Gords warned me about feeling guilty after this work out and to tell the truth I really do. I have been pushing myself so hard that I felt like today was a age group work out and feel like I am missing something. I am sure I will make up for it come Friday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day before taper

Got to the pool at 3:45 this morning and this is what I did

1st set
1 x 25 kick @ 40
1 x 50 free @ 45
1 x 75 free @ 1:20
1 x 100 free @ 1:45
1 x 75 free @ 1:20
1 x 50 free @ 45
1 x 25 kick @ 40
1 minute rest

Second set
1 x 50 kick @ 1:10
1 x 100 free @ 1:35
1 x 150 free @ 2:40
1 x 200 free @ 3:30
1 x 150 free @ 2:40
1 x 100 free @ 1:35
1 x 50 kick @ 1:10
1 minute rest

Third set
1 x 100 kick @ 2:30
1 x 200 pull @ 3:00
1 x 300 pull @ 4:30
1 x 400 pull @ 6:30
1 x 300 pull @ 4:30
1 x 200 pull @ 3:00
1 x 100 kick @ 2:30
1 minute rest

Fourth set
1 x 200 kick @ 5:00
1 x 400 free @ 6:30
1 x 600 free @ 10:00
1 x 800 free @ 13:00
1 x 600 free @ 10:00
1 x 400 free @ 6:30
1 x 200 kick @ 5:00
1 minute rest

Its the same workout I did last week and I really pushed it this time looking forward to my taper that starts tomorrow for my 11 mile swim. at this workout rate I have been teased at work that I'm going to swim my arms off.

Also for those of you interested here is the link for my Spot GPS that will be live when I start my swim Friday Morning

Monday, July 28, 2014


I talked to Gords over the weekend and we decided that we would meet up at Pineview about 4:30 this morning. I left my house about 10 minutes later than I wanted to so I got there about 20 minutes late, because I drove right past where we were meeting. This was my first time actually stopping there and I had no idea where I was going. I hurried and got changed and met everyone down at the water. Gords gave me a light stick and we were off. the water was really warm and fishy tasting. I kept getting a little in my mouth and that was all I could taste was the fish. we did a buoy route down to the the line that keeps you getting to close to the dam. when we got to the line we sprinted to the other side of the lake. I was keeping up with everyone for the most part but found myself stopping and making sure I was going the right direction. I was also having trouble keeping my glow stick stuck in my goggle band and had to stop to actually tie it to my strap. we swam up the shore line to the no wake buoys and then back across to the other side, then back down to where we started from. when we got back to the starting point there were 2 other swimmers there to meet Gords so he was going to paddle for them. I said good by to Goody, Sara and Gords and thanked them for meeting so early. Sara said that we should do this every Monday morning until I swim the Channel. we all laughed about trying to swim on the ice during the winter . I got back to the truck and called to work because I was going to be late.

I was a awesome swim, first time swimming in Pineview total distance was 2.64 miles

here is the link to my GPS

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rest Day

Chandra and I was out really late at the Soccer game last night, we were fortunate enough to get tickets to the Rio Tinto Suite. I also have my kids for the rest of the weekend and Colton had to be at work the same time I did so swimming was out of the question for this morning. I was supposed to go to the swim trek at Flaming George with my SLOW swimming friends but it doesn't look like that is going to work out either. Not really happy about it but with the family reunion next weekend, the Dam to Dam swim and saving funds for my EC swim it probably wont happen. my plan is to get up early tomorrow morning and do the work out I messed up earlier this week and see where it goes from there.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day Workout

Holy Butt Kicker Batman!

I finally got some good sleep and went to the Gym this morning at the normal time. I decided I wanted to do the meter pool again and really push myself, and to not get stopped at 5:45 when water aerobics started. here is the work out that I did.

500 warm up
200 drill ( 50 one arm drill 50 other arm drill 50 touch and pull 50 finger tip drag)
200 kick with fins
100 back stroke

2000 main set: 4 times thru 1st free 2nd IM 3rd back 4th free
    200 with :20 rest
    150 with :15 rest
    100 with :10 rest
    50 sprint
      rest :30 between each rep

Distance work: this is where I had my butt handed to me because of the length of the pool and trying to do them on my CSS time.

 800 free on 13:20 (CSS pace 1:33 + 7 = 1:40)
 600 free on 9:50 ( CSS pace 1:33 + 5 = 1:38)
 400 free on 6:25 ( CS pace 1:33 + 3 = 1:36)
 200 free and try to land exactly @ CS pace (1:33)
 Rest one minute
400 free on 6:25 (CSS pace 1:33 + 3 = 1:36)

It happened water aerobics started and I was getting kicked out I really wanted to finish my work out and not wait around for an hour to do it. I know this set was supposed to be challenging  to me and get my heart rate going so I did what I do best....I joined the class. I worked as hard as I could during the class to keep my heart rate up and when the class was over I finished my work out, so here is the completion.

600 free on 9:50 ( CSS pace 1:33 + 5 = 1:36)
800 free on 13:20 (CSS pace 1:33 + 7 = 1:40)

200 free cool down

Total for today 6500 SCM

this was my favorite work out so far. it really pushed me. I did not make any of my splits that I needed to make. I was told to just keep swimming if I couldn't. I did that for the first 2 sets and then decided to take 30 seconds rest in between each set. while I was swimming I was pushing it really hard to get as much out of it that I could and I feel like I did a good job of that. I will need to be tested at the meter pool for my CSS time so I can stick to my splits like I need to do. other than that I feel like I am making some progress in the water, I have been really trying to improve my stroke to get more out of it. At this rate I will be ready for the English Channel when I need to be. Thank you Gords for everything you have and continue to do for me.

P.S. Advil and Deep Blue is my Friend right now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No Sleep

Today I was kicked out of bed by Chandra at 3:15 I hurried and ate and was out the door. I realized I was going to be late so I went to the pool closest to my house so I could get my full work out in. I got to the gym and was in the water by 4:05. here is the work out that I did today.

600 warm up

400 - 8 x 50 free Drill/Swim by 25
500 - 10 x 50 @ :50 odds EZ evens hard
1200 - 3 times thru:
    4 x 100 free increase interval on each 100 (descending intensity)
      1 @ 1:25 rest :30
      1 @ 1:30 rest :20
      1 @ 1:35 rest :10
      1 @ 1:40 rest :05
rest 1 minute
4 x 200 free (ascending intensity with more rest) really focus on my form during this whole set
    1 @ 3:30 (get under 3:15)
    1 @ 3:40 get under 3:10
    1 @ 3:45 get under 3:45
    1 SPRINT get under 2:50

600 - 12 x 50s on :50 odds hard evens easy

900 cool down

Total 5000 SCM

I had forgot that I was in a 25 meter pool today and was really down on myself for not hitting a lot of the times I found myself sprinting most of the workout trying to catch up. by the end of the work out my shoulders were burning and I was fighting cramps in my legs. all in all its a great work out I just need to adjust the intervals for a meter pool.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Second structured workout

I rolled out of bed this morning at 3:10 and ate a quick bowl of frosted flakes and was out the door to the pool. I got in the water at 4 am and started my workout that Gords had made for me. It was my first time doing a Pyramid set and it went like this.

1st set
1 x 25 kick @ 40
1 x 50 free @ 45
1 x 75 free @ 1:20
1 x 100 free @ 1:45
1 x 75 free @ 1:20
1 x 50 free @ 45
1 x 25 kick @ 40
1 minute rest

Second set
1 x 50 kick @ 1:10
1 x 100 free @ 1:35
1 x 150 free @ 2:40
1 x 200 free @ 3:30
1 x 150 free @ 2:40
1 x 100 free @ 1:35
1 x 50 kick @ 1:10
1 minute rest

Third set
1 x 100 kick @ 2:30
1 x 200 pull @ 3:00
1 x 300 pull @ 4:30
1 x 400 pull @ 6:30
1 x 300 pull @ 4:30
1 x 200 pull @ 3:00
1 x 100 kick @ 2:30
1 minute rest

Fourth set
1 x 200 kick @ 5:00
1 x 400 free @ 6:30
1 x 600 free @ 10:00
1 x 800 free @ 13:00
1 x 600 free @ 10:00
1 x 400 free @ 6:30
1 x 200 kick @ 5:00
1 minute rest

200 free cool down

Total 6,200 SCY

I really liked this work out. The pull sets really kicked my butt and towards the end of the last set I had a hard time keeping pace. my mind was wandering and I could not remember where I started on the clock and part of the time I found myself looking at my watch to see how many laps I had done because I was loosing track. all in all it was a great work out with them progressively getting thought the rest of the week!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bear Lake Swim and a New Coach!

I swam the route for the Bear Lake Monster swim with Gords on Friday Morning. It was a great swim. I felt pretty good in the water  for not swimming for quite some time, but I was slow... really slow compared to Gords. I have been in a mental funk for quite some time trying to figure out what the heck was wrong and it hit me like a ton of crap. I just need to pull my head out of my butt and get to work. Bear lake was the kick that I needed and now I have help from a great Friend and a true Open Water Legend Mr. Gordon Gridley!

Last night I was emailing Gords back and fourth and he was going to meet me at 24 hour fitness to help me out. I got there at 4 am and Gords was shortly behind me. We went in and did 1000 warm up and then he asked if I had ever done a CSS test. I had read about it for Josh's post and then I did the test. it goes like this

400 timed swim fast (5:55)
recover set 300 drill (I had to ask what he ment by drill)
200 Back
4 x 75's free on 1:15
200 timed swim fast (2:48)

My CSS time worked out to be 1:33

now Gords said we were going to do a variation of the Red Mist Work out and this is what I did

1800 - 3 x 600's CSS + 6 (10 minutes)
1600 - 4 x 400's CSS + 5 (6:30)
200 easy

Total 6000 SCY

I really am happy that Gords has taken time from his busy schedule in order to help me succeed in the Channel. I truly am blessed to have awesome people in my corner who are there for me. P.S. this was the first structured work out I have done since High School and it really kicked my BUTT. I am now looking at picking up some needed speed and get I higher stroke count.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Catch Up

Haven't posted in a while because life sometimes gets in the way. Since the last post most people know that my beautiful wife had brain surgery to remove a tumor. during her stay in the hospital was quite a feat for me to stay strong for her and to take care of the stuff she normally takes care of, with out her sisters Jill and Melissa's help I would of failed. tumor was a non cancer tumor and she is recovering awesome. I wish I was as strong as she is. I was able to get to the pool a few times to continue training for the GSLOW swim on the 7th and I bought a new suit to wear for Chandra during the race. it was a typical late spring morning in Utah the morning of the race and we started a little shallower than last year. one we started I walked until I figured my hands would not touch the bottom without messing with my stroke. it took about 500 yards to get loosened up and I felt like I was in a nice groove. I decided it was time for my first feed and stopped for it and looked at my GPS and I had been swimming for an hour and covered 2.63 miles. I felt awesome from there on I would stop every 30 minutes for my feeds I also was in a good groove and felt like I was flying in the water. I had no shoulder pain and spending 30 seconds or less with my feeds. well past the halfway point I noticed the current was pushing me towards Saltair and I was trying to get back closer to my paddler but was struggling. I made it to the edge of the break wall for the marina and knew I had a little more than a mile to go and was way off course. I decided I would not stop for anymore feeds and just swim to the finish. as I got closer to block rock I was still fighting the chop and the current and ran out of water to swim in, I could not believe how much the lake had dropped in 2 weeks time. I waded until the water got deep again and swam for another 200 to 300 yards until I was at the beach. I was right behind Stacey and she took off running towards the finish line and if you know me I don't run. I walked about 200 yards to the arch and stopped my watch 4:33:18 and total mileage was 9.53 for my 8 mile swim. it was a great swim and I felt good most of it. the best part was my buddy Ryan had brought Chandra to the finish line and she was there for me when I got done. There was nothing better than being able to give her a hug and a kiss and seeing her pretty face.

Here are a few pictures of the Race.

   I also swam yesterday in the pool 3,200 meters 1000 warm up 1000 pull 1000 kick 200 warm down and looking forward to Bountiful Lake this afternoon.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nice GSL swim

I met Gords, Sarah and Lisa at the GSL for what turned out to be a nice warm swim. We all decided to at least go to Black Rock once. While we were getting in a guy stopped us to let us know that there was a sail boat race getting ready to start, it was nice to have someone else looking out for us. We made our way into the water and took off towards Black Rock. The first quarter mile I was really sluggish and was having a hard time warming up, but by the time I made it to Black Rock I was feeling Pretty good. When everyone got there we stayed and chatted for quite a while and took a couple of pictures, the water this shallow was really warm. The lake was as calm as ever and made for a great swim. While chatting Gords had mentioned that he was probably going to do to laps. we chatted a bit more and we were off back towards the marina. I noticed that I was swimming straighter and was sighting a lot easier, must of been from the calm lake. I got back to the red buoy and got a drink then followed Gords on a Second lap. on the was back to the marina I made a wide path to make sure I got the total 4 miles that I was looking for, when I got back my GPS said 4.02 miles. So total swim for the day was 4.02 miles in under 2 hours

Hers the link to the GPS

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bountiful Lake

Yesterday was my first time swimming in Bountiful Lake. I was a little hesitant to go because of the bad things Ive heard about it. Turns out its just like swimming in any other lake, not bad at all. I met Gords there and we were slow getting in, he thru his watch in to get a temp and it read 60 degrees not bad. I got in up to the getting used to the cold point and then took off after Gords. I did heads up breast until I got used to the cold and took off way behind Gords. we swam around the islands and back to the starting point. I also used my new swimmer buddy and really liked it. there was virtually no drag behind you. After we got out I asked how cold it was and Gords said 54 degrees. Total swim for the day .84 miles in open water.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Catching up

Wednesday I did a 1.3 mile in a pissy GSL. water temps were around 56 I think so with my water aerobics class this morning I was in the water for about 2 hours.

Thursday morning I did:
1000 warm up
2000 pull
1000 kick
2000 free swim
total 6,000 SCY

This morning I did the same workout as yesterday, trying to get into a good routine.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yet another pool swim

Got to the pool late again, starting to be the story of my life. jumped right in and did
1,000 warm up
1,000 pull set
1,000 fins
2,000 swim

total for this morning 5,000 SCY

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bear Lake EC Qualifying Swim

Well it looks like I will be doing my EC qualifying swim at bear lake this year. I wanted to do it at the GSL, but with the water temps coming up to fast I will be like my good friend Gords and looking for colder water. Did not swim this morning but will make up for lost time this afternoon in the pool will be swimming 7,000 yards.

Here is the link for the proposed course at Bear Lake
 Garmin Connect - Bear Lake EC Qualifying Swim

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Longest Swim of the Year in the GSL

I got to the marina really early because I work across the street, by 4:30 I was wondering if anyone was going to show up. Right then everyone did. I met Josh, Gords, Sara, Sam and Lisa. This was Lisa's first time in the GSL and she rocked it. I wanted to do 2 Gridley Straights but when I left the protection of the break walls the seas were churning. I started behind Sara and was following her and then went around her. I think the waves were bothering her. I swam non stop to Black Rock and checked the time. I was at a 35 minute mile and was slightly disappointed.I looked around for a bit to see who was behind me and I couldn't See anyone.they must of turned around. I took a drink and headed back towards the marina. the waves were starting to pick up and I was being pushed to shore. I had to turn and swim directly into the waves to make it back to the marina opening. I got to the red buoy and took another drink and decided that I wanted to swim more than the 2 miles that I did, so I started swimming directly into the waves out towards the middle of the lake. The waves and swells were getting pretty big, I would swim hard to get on top of them and get my face slammed into the bottom of the next wave. I swam until I was getting tired of my face hurting and turned around and headed back towards the marina opening. This was the payoff for swimming directly into the waves because I was basically body surfing on my way back in. the only part I don't like about it is when the next wave comes to push you you get sucked backwards slightly. I got back to the boat ramp and looked at my watch. 3.11 miles in 1:28:07 minutes. water was warmer and it was a good workout to go along with my aerobics class.