Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A little pool time

Chandra kicked my butt out of bed this morning at 3:00 I ate some breakfast and headed over to the gym and this is the workout that I did.

600 warm up

Main Set:
4 x 200 free 50  stroke 200 free
1st 50 back
2nd 50 breast
3rd 50 one arm fly
4th 50 kick

Butt Kicker Set:
4 x 200's free
1st 6 seconds rest
2nd 4 seconds rest
3rd 2 seconds rest
4th pull with buoy and paddles

3 x 200's
1st 5 seconds rest
2nd 3 seconds rest
3rd take off paddles and buoy and start on next 30 or 60

2 x 200's
1st go at 80% rest :30
2nd go at 90% rest 1:00

1 x 200
100% effort get under 2:45 ( I got 2:43)

Gord's called that set the butt kicker set I think I will rename it to Turn Shoulders into Hamburger Set!

Breathing and body Roll focus
10 x 50's free on 1:00
odds bilateral breathe
evens breathe only on left side

100 easy Cool down

Total for today was 5000 yards

This workout was intense. My shoulders are still a little sore from the race last Friday but I need to push on and get ready for Deer Creek this weekend. looking forward to the next 2 days for taper!

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