Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day Workout

Holy Butt Kicker Batman!

I finally got some good sleep and went to the Gym this morning at the normal time. I decided I wanted to do the meter pool again and really push myself, and to not get stopped at 5:45 when water aerobics started. here is the work out that I did.

500 warm up
200 drill ( 50 one arm drill 50 other arm drill 50 touch and pull 50 finger tip drag)
200 kick with fins
100 back stroke

2000 main set: 4 times thru 1st free 2nd IM 3rd back 4th free
    200 with :20 rest
    150 with :15 rest
    100 with :10 rest
    50 sprint
      rest :30 between each rep

Distance work: this is where I had my butt handed to me because of the length of the pool and trying to do them on my CSS time.

 800 free on 13:20 (CSS pace 1:33 + 7 = 1:40)
 600 free on 9:50 ( CSS pace 1:33 + 5 = 1:38)
 400 free on 6:25 ( CS pace 1:33 + 3 = 1:36)
 200 free and try to land exactly @ CS pace (1:33)
 Rest one minute
400 free on 6:25 (CSS pace 1:33 + 3 = 1:36)

It happened water aerobics started and I was getting kicked out I really wanted to finish my work out and not wait around for an hour to do it. I know this set was supposed to be challenging  to me and get my heart rate going so I did what I do best....I joined the class. I worked as hard as I could during the class to keep my heart rate up and when the class was over I finished my work out, so here is the completion.

600 free on 9:50 ( CSS pace 1:33 + 5 = 1:36)
800 free on 13:20 (CSS pace 1:33 + 7 = 1:40)

200 free cool down

Total for today 6500 SCM

this was my favorite work out so far. it really pushed me. I did not make any of my splits that I needed to make. I was told to just keep swimming if I couldn't. I did that for the first 2 sets and then decided to take 30 seconds rest in between each set. while I was swimming I was pushing it really hard to get as much out of it that I could and I feel like I did a good job of that. I will need to be tested at the meter pool for my CSS time so I can stick to my splits like I need to do. other than that I feel like I am making some progress in the water, I have been really trying to improve my stroke to get more out of it. At this rate I will be ready for the English Channel when I need to be. Thank you Gords for everything you have and continue to do for me.

P.S. Advil and Deep Blue is my Friend right now!

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