Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Look who's back

So after a long break from swimming after the 7 mile swim at bear lake to let my shoulder heal, I am back. I went for a swim at the GSL on Monday. I met Sue out at the Marina and I  dragged my wife and her freind Cindy along as well. I got the kayak ready for Chandra and Cindy got them in the water and we were off. I swam out of the Marina and into the lake, I forgot how much I love swimming there. We headed towards black rock, I kept my head down and pushed the whole way and felt pretty good all the way there. When I got as far as I could go swimming because the water level had dropped drastically, which was about 200 yards short of the beach we stopped and grabbed a drink. We chatted for a few minutes and Sue was not as far ahead of me as I had expected her to be. After chatting we headed back to the Marina. I could not believe how clear the water was the whole time. We got out rinsed off and were on our way. I feel a ton better about Slam the Dam I may not be the fastest but I know I can finish in the 4 hours that I have to do it.

Slam the Dam here I come!