Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I did swim

So I did swim yesterday after being off for several days being sick. I just cant seem to shake this bug that I got. I was feeling a lot better when I went to the pool and actually did 6000 yards in between coughing fits. and when I got home I promptly ate dinner and took a cold shower followed by my ice bath. when I woke up late to meet Gords at the pool I have a really nasty cough and not feeling myself again. so here is the workout I did yesterday.

Gords called it the Double Momma Workout.

Warm up 250 free 150 non free choice 200 pull

Warm up drill set:
4 x 25 flutter kick on your side on :35
4 x 50 ( 25 back 25 free)
focus on a strong kick and keeping your hips high on the backstroke portion

Main Set:
8 x 200
odds: 50 back - technique focus/150 free moderate on 3:00
evens  50 back build 50 back strong 100 free fast on 3:15

on the technique focus portion, focus on 1 of these 3 things:

1 - pointing your toes and kicking through the hip and not the knees

2 - reaching high on each arm recovery imagine you were trying to scrape your ear with your bicep

3 - pinky in as you begin your stroke and thumb out as you finish your stroke

Kick Set:
4 x 25 flutter kick with board held in tombstone position - rest :15
4 x 50 streamline kick moderate 25 dolphin or breast kick 25 flutter kick - rest :20

Warm down:
200 easy choice

Then I repeated it one more time through.

I feel really bad about not being able to set an alarm and then waking up late. I was out of the house in 5 minutes but Gords had already left. He now has my permission for a slap to the back of the head when I see him again. I did not swim this morning, but on my way home from work the pool will be calling my name. I will update later tonight.

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