Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Deer Creek 10 mile race report

Yesterday I got up on time and I had everything loaded in the truck that I was going to need, or so I thought. I realized about 2/3ds of the way to the lake that I forgot the paddle for the kayak. I turned around and got it. I also found out that from my house to Deer Creek is 42 minutes away without getting a speeding ticket. When I pulled down to the launch ramp Gords and Josh started helping me unload and the whisked my kayak down closer to the starting line. Gords and Josh also got all 5 swimmers that were going to complete the Utah Triple Crown and took a picture with all of us. I got signed in and started to get ready. Jim gave the pre race safety meeting and did the raffle. he said the the 10 mile would be starting in 10 minutes, so I greased up a little more heavy than last week and got in the water to go. We took a group picture with all of the 10 mile swimmers and then lined up for the start. Jim counted down and we were off. The start was no where near as hectic as last weekend and it seamed everyone found there groove and was settling in for the 10 mile swim. I felt really good like the water was just flowing around me with not resistance. I have been really focusing on my stroke to get all I can get out of it and felt better in the water than I ever have felt before. between 1-1/2 miles and 2 miles some of the 10k swimmers had started to catch me which is fine most of those guys I couldn't keep up with anyway. I was in a good grove and not concerned with nothing but beating my time from 2 years ago. I looked over at my kayaker and he had been trying to tell me something, I shortened up a stroke to raise my head out of the water and WHAM I just high fived a kayak with the tips of my fingers on my left hand. The pain instantly shot into my elbow and I could feel every beat of my heart in my pinkie. I stopped and the lady that hit me had a puzzled look on her face. I said some things that I probably should of not said to her, the nicest being I have a bright orange cap on my head and next to a bright green kayak and you cant see me? I could not feel my hand and I went over to the bank to where I could stand up to look at my hand. when I brought my hand out of the water, Instantly I knew at the very least is was dislocated. as I stood there for a minute I had every emotion run thru my head and then I had one that said you are getting nothing done standing there. So I started to swim again and made it about 25 strokes and stopped again. I was hurting pretty badly and then the thought of quitting came over my mind. As I treaded water for what seamed like 20 minutes but was sure it was more like 1 or 2 I told myself that the last 3 years something had happened where I couldn't finish the triple crown and that I have never quit anything and if it took me all day that I was going to finish this. I made it to the 10k turn around and almost quit again. My kayaker had a strange look on his face as he was heading to the 5 mile turn around point, so I followed him. I got to the turn around point and with every stroke I was coming up with new curse words that should never be heard, but I kept plugging away. I finally got to the 5k turn around buoy and knew I only had 1.5 miles to go. with every pull with my left hand my pinkie was just bending and going where the water wanted it to go, but I kept pulling harder, the next thing I knew I was done. 10 miles in the bag I got out and asked for ice. I told Jim and Josh what had happened and learned that the same person wrecked half of the 10k group. Every one helped get my stuff loaded up and I drove to the insta care place in Provo.

I had an  x-ray and then the Dr came in to tell me that it was broke, my heart hit the floor. I have a huge swim coming up and now I was screwed. as she set up everything to but me in a cast I started to plead with her. I told her that I had a qualifying swim next month for the English Channel and that this was going to make it so I couldn't swim. With all my rambling and probably crying she said that she could splint it and wrap it so I could swim. I asked her how long before I could swim and she said to tape it up and try in 4 to 5 days that if it hurt to wait a few more. In my mind I heard 2 to 3 days and tape the shit out of it. She got it wrapped up and showed my how to tape it and said good luck at the English Channel. I got back home and told Chandra what had happened, this was my first swim without here there so I told her it was her fault and laughed. So it looks like I will have a few days off and be back in the water on Wednesday. I also realized this morning how bad my right shoulder hurt. I know it was because I was basically swimming with one arm. so Ice and Ibuprofen and then swim in 2 days. 

This race as always with any race the Utah Open Water Group puts on was very well put together safety craft was allover the place and the people were great to be around. I am getting spoiled by the great races we have here in Utah! Special thanks to Jim Hubbard, Gordon Gridley, Josh Green and there wives for letting them put these things on.

                                            2 of the coolest people you will ever meet
                                         the pain had set it
                                          yep not as fast as I wanted to be but DONE
                                            at the finish
                                          my stroke is looking better
                                         at the start with all the 10 mile swimmers

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