Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Monday, December 22, 2014

Back with Gord's

I went to bed early last night in hopes of getting some rest for this mornings workout. I slept like a baby, in other words I was up every hour and could not sleep. I finally crawled out of bed a 3 am to get ready to head to the pool to meet Gords. On the way to the pool I got 2 texts from Gord's saying he was going to be late, dead car battery. The second text was to let me know he was on his way. I promised Chandra that I would stop texting and driving so sorry Gord's no reply from me. I got to the pool and from memory this is what I did.

2 x 200's free warm up
1 x 100 kick

played in pool until Gordon showed up

11 x 100's free
1 x 1000 free
20 x 50's one arm fly back breast free (each stroke 5 times)
3 x 300's pull ( agility paddles freestyle paddles and finger tip paddles)
20 x 100's descending
200 cool down

I needed to get to work so I shorted myself 5 - 100's and the 200 cool down. So i will be going back to the pool tonight to finish my work out. Also Gord's asked if I was working Wed. or not and that I should come to South Davis where he coaches that morning. It looks like I will be seeing you twice this week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Watch New Beginnings

So I’m back in the pool again starting to get back into shape for my EC attempt in September. I had a short conversation with Gord’s about what he would like to see me swim this year in preparation for the EC and with that conversation it looks like I will be swimming from Black Rock beach to White Sands Beach in the GSL or the other direction depending on the wind. HE said that if I can complete that swim it would more than ready me for the EC because of the high salt levels. With swimming in the GSL I also get the waves, swells, and Current pretty close that I might see in the Channel. So it looks like sometime in May I will be swimming this course. It will be 20 miles in the GSL.

My workout from yesterday is below, I forgot how out of swimming shape I would be in and push thru the workout. My legs are on fire today from all the kick sets, but I'm really going to push myself for the next 9 ½ months to be the best I can be in the channel.

Objective: Focus on an efficient pull, avoid any kind of cross-over.
Warmup: 800- 400 free easy, 200 kick, 200 choice

Main Set:
400 free @ 75% - count your strokes per 25 and maintain that count through the whole set
250 - 10 x 25's kick on :30

350 free @ 75% - Maintain the same count per 25
250-5 x 50's kick on 1:10

300 free @ 80% - Maintain the same count per 25
200 - 8 x 25's kick on :30

250 free @ 80% - Maintain the same count per 25
200-4 x 50's kick on 1:10

200 free @ 85% - Maintain the same count per 25. If you're not, especially focus on a tight streamline off the wall, (Head down)!
150- 6 x 25's kick on :30

150 free @ 85% - Maintain the same count per 25. If you're not, especially focus on a tight streamline off the wall, (Head down)!
150-3 x 50's kick on 1:10

100 free@ 90%- You guessed it.  Keep the same count.
100-4 x 25's kick on :30

100- 2 x 50's kick easy (recovery)

Drills: 600-8 x 75's- Scull/Drill/Swim by 25 :15 seconds rest

400-8 x 50's left arm only, right arm only by 25 :10 rest

Warm down: 300 Choice

5,300 yards total