Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back in the pool

I went to the pool last night not knowing how far or how much pain I would be in, but I went with an open mind to see what I could do. I took the splints off my hand and taped it up really good to keep my knuckles from trying to separate and the taped my pinkie to my ring finger. while I was doing this I was sitting on the deck watching an older gentleman swim laps and smelling the chlorine. I had really missed to pool that is something I never would have imagined that I would miss. I hopped in the water and started to swim at a snails pace taking it really easy and not pulling hard at all. I remembered at Deer Creek that my pinkie was flailing allover the place from the resistance of the water. I had zero pain so I kicked it up to a good pace and started to feel pressure building in my hand, I decided to keep going to see what was going to happen. My hand started to hurt some, about a 3 on the pain scale. so I decided to stop for the evening. I looked at my watch and I had swam 1000 SCM. I was really happy with the result. so my plan forward is to swim 1500 SCM tonight and 3000 Friday. I will then get back to my normal routine on Monday with the steady butt kicking workouts that Gords puts together for me. when I got home I iced my hand and took some precautionary Advil. I slept with out my brace on as well. I go back to the Dr. today and I will see how much longer I have to wear this stupid thing, I want it off being left handed has made my life interesting to say the least the past few days. I plan to the her I will wear it at work and tape for swims but when I'm home I don't want to wear it. we will see how that goes.

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