Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Look who's back

So after a long break from swimming after the 7 mile swim at bear lake to let my shoulder heal, I am back. I went for a swim at the GSL on Monday. I met Sue out at the Marina and I  dragged my wife and her freind Cindy along as well. I got the kayak ready for Chandra and Cindy got them in the water and we were off. I swam out of the Marina and into the lake, I forgot how much I love swimming there. We headed towards black rock, I kept my head down and pushed the whole way and felt pretty good all the way there. When I got as far as I could go swimming because the water level had dropped drastically, which was about 200 yards short of the beach we stopped and grabbed a drink. We chatted for a few minutes and Sue was not as far ahead of me as I had expected her to be. After chatting we headed back to the Marina. I could not believe how clear the water was the whole time. We got out rinsed off and were on our way. I feel a ton better about Slam the Dam I may not be the fastest but I know I can finish in the 4 hours that I have to do it.

Slam the Dam here I come!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bear lake Crossing

We got up at 5:30 and were getting everything ready to go to the lake and pulled out at 6:00 after a crappy night’s sleep. We got to the marina got the boats unloaded and all checked in. I let my buddy Goody borrow my paddler for this race because his wife had other commitments. I told Goody that taking a guys paddler was like taking a guys wife. It was all in good fun I was happy to help goody out with getting him a paddler. We all loaded up on the bus to go to Cisco beach for the start of the race. On the way there our little group chatted and was joking around. We got to the beach and got thinks ready to go. I chatted more with Matt and Goody. We crawled into the water and the first thing I noticed was how clear and blue the water was. It was amazing. I also heard other people complaining that the water was cold, I just smiled when I noticed that the people that were complaining had wet suits on. After what seemed like forever we lined up and started the race. I started off at what I thought was a good pace and got into a good groove. There was a ski boat that was patrolling the race kept coming by to check on every one. I told Ryan to keep a straight line towards the buoy’s the boat came back after a bit and said to head straight north that the markers had broke loose and we were way off course. I told Ryan to just follow the people ahead of me and that we would go from there. Soon after the halfway point I realized that I had passed all of the people that we were following. Ryan told me that he could see the marina and that he would just go straight towards the rocks. About two miles from the finish the chop started getting really bad. I stopped to take a feed and told Ryan that the chop was killing me. He said that a boat came really close to us and turned, thus hitting me with the wake. As I got closer to the marina I noticed a park ranger boat escorting us past all of the dorks that were coming from the marina. It was an extra security blanket to help keep the swimmers safe. During all of this Ryan was keeping about a 15 foot distance from me until I got closer to the marina then he was about 5 feet from me to help keep me noticed in the water with all of the boats. Also at one time the ranger boat cut directly in front of me to keep a boat away. I finally cleared the rocks and our escort was gone. It was smooth sailing from here to the finish line. About 30 yards from the finish I swam thru some sticks that were just below the surface of the water. The scratched up my chest a little and before I knew it I was done. I walked out of the water to my waiting beautiful wife and her cheers. I had just crossed the width of Bear Lake in 3 hours and 40 minutes. I walked up to the pavilion where we had checked in and there was no bananas water or anything. I shrugged it off as to it being the first race for this group. I also thought that leading up to the race there was questions of what was going on. The buoys that were supposed to be marking the course every mile were not there. It was a good race and I hope next year they have learned from what went wrong and do a better job. All in all it was a great weekend.
                                          I did not know I was a Raspberry Salesman

                                          Me and Goody with our paddlers before the race

                                          Swimming during the race

                                          Me and Goody after the race

                                          walking out of the water at the finish

                                           Me at the finish line

Heres the link to my Hydro Tracker for the crossing
As for the remainder of the open water season I am going to swim the Slam the Dam in Las Vegas and Josh is putting together a length crossing relay at Bear Lake that I am super excited for. I also plan to swim the 8 mile Antelope to Black Rock swim that I missed due to the weather.  I also plan to do a Channel Magnitude swim from Black Rock to White Rock bay this year.

Monday, August 13, 2012

short 10 mile video

Deer Creek 10 mile swim

This swim was an epic swim to say the least. I got to Deer Creek at about 6:30 and got my race packet. I went over to the restroom to get changed and to start to get ready. Lang showed up and we got the boat ready to go. I gave him some instructions on what I wanted for my feedings and that I wanted to keep them to about a minute or less and about every 45 minutes. I had a chance to talk to Goody for a bit as well as Greg and a few other swimmers that I know. We made our way into the water and had to wait for another paddler to show up then the timers were sorting out a problem. So we had more time to talk to the 10 mile swimmers. Everything and everybody was ready and the horn sounded to start. I started off at a slow pace trying to get into a good rhythm and before I knew it I was at the 5k turn around marker I was feeling really good at this point and my first feeding went off fast. As I swam past the 10k turn around marker I looked up to sight and saw a boat come speeding by really close to us and the wake capsized the gal that was in a canoe. Lang got to shore to help her get going again and I just kept swimming along. I made it to the marker that said Keep Going on it and took another feeding, by this time my left shoulder had started to get really sore I just kept saying over and over in my head Keep Calm Swim Strong I made the turn at the 10 mile turn around point and at that time I had done something I have never done before. I had swum farther in open water than I have ever swum before. The 2 miles back to the 10k turnaround marker were the hardest 2 miles I have ever swam the chop was getting bad and the current was coming straight on to me. I made it to the marker and just kept pushing myself. Before I knew it I was back to the 5k turn around marker and other than my shoulder hurting I was feeling great. At the last turn marker I took my last feeding this one took a little longer because I tried to stretch out my back and shoulder, I had about a mile to go and I was going to finish this thing in under 6 hours (that was my goal) I passed Goody as he was coming into the marker and he told Lang I’m coming for you Ricky Bobby. Lang told me what he had said and then I poured it on I left everything I had in the water, as I rounded the last corner I saw my wife and Kids cheering me on. I started to smile from ear to ear and I hit the finish marker. I had done it I swam 10 miles in less than 6 hours my time was 5 hours 18 minutes. I took my sweet time getting out of the water I got out and got my finisher medal and waited for Goody to finish. I had a great swim I got to swim with a world record holder for a crossing of Bear Lake as well as two of the only 3 to cross the English Channel from Utah, my friend Goody Tyler that amazed the open water community with his Catalina channel swim and I got to see all but 2 of my open water buddy’s and just marked off another one of my goals. This week it’s the Width Crossing of Bear Lake.
                                          Getting ready for the Start

                                             Me, Kate and Goody

                                         10 mile swimmers at the start


                                            Me and my paddler Lang

                                            Me and my buddy Goody

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lower water Levels

Went for a swim again at Grantsville. When I got there I looked at the lake and it was as calm as a sheet of glass. I had Ryan with me to paddle to keep the boats off of me. We carried the boat down to the lake and got in and took off. I stayed closer to shore this time because of the lack of fishermen and made a wide path trying to get as much distance as possible. Half way into the swim my shoulders were tight and my lower back was hurting a bit but by the time I finished my first lap I was feeling pretty good. I chatted with Ryan for a bit and took off for another lap. ¾ thru the front part of the lake I ran into a fishing line, Ryan had been yelling at me to go further out in the lake to miss them. I could not hear anything he was saying I was concentrating on singing Josh’s song 100 bottles of beer on the wall. After Ryan apologized to the couple fishing from the shore and explaining what I was doing he caught up to me to see me freak out, I had a swimming partner come up and get a close up of this idiot swimming on the top of the water. Scare the crap out of me. I finished my second lap and wanted to do more but it was starting to get dark so we called it. Ryan asked how far we had gone so I told him about 3 miles is what I had figured. To my dismay after checking my hydro tracker it was only about 2 miles. Grantsville uses the water from the lake for irrigation so all I can assume is that the water level has dropped and will continue to do so until the irrigation is turned off. I still have not decided what event I will swim this Saturday at any rate I feel I am better prepared for this weekend no matter what event I decide to do. here is the link to the Hydro Tracker

Monday, August 6, 2012

swimming pain

I have been swimming at the lake in Grantsville because it is close to home. with my hectic work schedule I can get evening swims in before it gets to late. Sundays swim was a nice easy swim there was only one boat on the lake and just a hadfull of people fishing from the shore. I hopped in and took a temp reading it was 68.9 degrees and I was off. I swam counter clockwise around the lake so I could keep my eyes on the shore to get more yardage out of a lap. With fewer people fishing from the shore I could stay closer. As I was swimming Colton was paddling for me and he kept hitting me with the kayack and with the paddle. I never stopped to see why but when I finished one lap I stopped to get a drink and he said "Dad did you not feel me hitting you?" he wanted to see if I wanted a drink and that was the only way he could think of to get me to stop. Run your poor dad over with the kayack and hit him with the paddle! I grabbed a quick drink and started for another lap. I got half way down the front of the lake and noticed that my lower back was bothering me really bad. I turned towards the middle of the lake and then headded back towards the beach where my family was waithing for me. the only thing I can think of why my back was bothering me so bad was because I was sighting 10 times more than I usually do to keep myself colser to shore. I also brings me to the Deer Creek 10 mile event this weekend. I may change to the 10K distance because I have not been swimming as much as I need to. the last thing I want is to be pulled because I cant finish. We will see what this week brings for me in the water and I can make an educated discision for the race.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Utah Open Water Mini Swim Camp

Last Friday was the first Utah Open Water Mini Swim Camp. It was one of the best time I have had swimming in a long time. I wanted to get to the camp site by 3:00 p.m. but once again life got in the way. By the time I got all of the camping gear loaded into the truck and the kids loaded it was 6:30 before we hit the camp ground. I got the tent set up and kids settled down by the time Chandra showed up. We had dinner and watched UP for our first time. After the movie was over there were a few of us that loaded up and went for a night swim. This was my first night swim and to say it was totally awesome! I was teased a little because I but glow stick bracelets on my goggles and they said I looked like Mickey Mouse with the huge ears swimming along. We finished our night swim and headed back to camp to get some rest for our swim the next morning. I did not sleep well at all, I think it was because I wanted to swim so dang bad. I was up at 5:30 and just laid in the tent until I could hear more people awake and then I got out of bed the hang out. I met some new swimmers this weekend, I am sure we will be friends for a long time. It was great to see some new faces. We all went back to the lake for more swimming about 10:00 and it was great to have my family with me. I swam the mile “Race” and cut 3 minutes off of my time since the GSL swim. I was really happy about that because I have not been swimming much since the GSL swim. After the “Race” I swam a few more laps to get some mileage in and then it was play time. Me and Josh went over to this huge rock pocking out of the water and were going to jump into the water until we heard some people say that the water was not deep enough. Josh assured them that all was good and off he went. It took me about 2 seconds to follow behind him. I could keep rambling on forever about the swim camp but I won’t. All I have to say is I can’t wait until next year. Thank you Josh for putting this on and Gords and Goody, I missed you guys. I will post pictures when I get a Few more minutes along with the video of me and Josh jumping from the Rock!    

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grantsville Swim

I have been wanting to swim at the lake in Grantsville for quite some time and Sunday I made it happen. I took my family to the lake Sunday afternoon put the kyak in the water and got everything ready. Chandra was on the shore line watching the kids play in the water and skipping rocks. Colton got in the kayak and I got in the water. It took me a few minutes to get used to the water temp. it was about 66 degrees. I was off I wanted to swim around the lakestaying close to shore but far enough away from all the fishermen lined up around the lake, and to try to stay away from the small boats on the lake fishing. When I got to the first turn I was really sore and stiff in my shoulders I took a drink from Colton and took off again. as I was sighting I saw a boat getting closer to me so I pinned myself inbetween him and Colton in the kayak. I stopped for a minute and I could here the guy in toe boat complaining about me swimming and messing up the fishing. I got to the 3rd turn and took another drink and told Colton where to aim for as I was swimming I caught myself staring at the bottom and at all the fish that would swim up to see what was going on and then scatter. It was quit funny. I got back to where Chandra was at on the shore line and got a sandwich she had made and scarfed it down. I told her that I wanted to do another lap and just when I was getting ready to get back in it started to down pour. we rushed back to our cars and just went home. the lap was just about a mile according to my hydro tracker. Yet a fun swim and I will be there alot leading up to Deer Creek.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to the Water

I got back in the water after not swimming since the GSL race. I have been out of town working and there is nowhere to swim in Battle Moutian Nevada. I met Lang at the GSL marina at about 9:15 am and I had been reading all of the posts and blogs about the bugs at the GSL but I did not think it was going to be as bad as it ended up. we took off out of the marina and headded towards Black Rock and I was feeling really good for not swimming for a while. as I was going the water was getting from clear to really murky, when I would lift my head up to sight I could see the layer of Brine Eggs in the top 1/4 inch of water. no big deal until it kept getting thicker and thicker as I got closer to Black Rock. I stopped about 75 yards before I got to the beach because I was in awe of how thick the eggs got. they were clumping up all around me. I got a drink and started to swim back to the marina. I had to keep stopping to clear the eggs from my goggles and to hack up a few flies I was taking on as I would breathe. I looked up and Lang was headding back to the marina as fast as he could go. I think the bugs were eatting him alive. I swam out into the lake farther to get away from all the eggs and when I got closer to the marina it again started to clear up. I figured I swam about 3/4 of a mile in a gravy like substance and probabally ate my weight in protien. I chalked it up to another unique swim in the GSL. total of about a 2 mile swim but not nearly as far as I wanted to go. If Im going to swim the 10 mile event at Deer Creek next month I really need to get my butt into gear with my training. I also want to mention a person that I have met this year named Goody Tyler he swam the Catilina Channel last Monday and he did somthing that I dont know that I could ever do. HE made me realize how awesome of a journey he went on swimming for 15 hours in the channel. Goody you are like a robot and I am glad I know a great swimmer like you. Also Gordon Gridley will be swimming the English Channel next month. I would like to wish him all the luck in the world in completing his dream swim! and Just likes Goody's swim I wish I could be there for your support.

Monday, June 11, 2012

8 mile race.........uh-oh I mean 1 mile race

On thursday I got an email from Gords telling me that the 8 mile race was cancled because of the high winds forcasted for Saturday. I went to the marina for a short swim that afternoon and Gords was there with another 8 mile swimmer that he had picked up from the airport. we chatted a bit and I found out that he was working on getting the 8 mile race moved up 1 day to Friday. I still would not be able to swim because of that thing called work. After further talking it was decided that they would split the race into 2 days with the knowledge that if the winds got to bad that we would be pulled from the water for those of us that could not make it on Friday. I was happy as I could be. My race was back on. I was at the store Friday night getting my hydration and snacks for my swim and Gords called me and asked "are you ready to go tomorrow" why yes I was. he went over everything with me again about the winds and told be that it would be just me and 1 other swimmer. I hung up the phone and started thinking about the winds and just 1 other swimmer. I now was bummed and jellous for 2 reasons. I was jellous because I did not get to swim with the swimmers that got to swim on Friday morning, and Bummed because what I was about to do. I called Gords back and explained to him that there was no sence in taking just 2 of us over to the island. that I knew he was worried about the wind that I would just swim the 1 mile event. I told him to talk to the other swimmer and basically make him do the same. So now I was just going to swim the 1 mile event. there is always 2013 and I have the Deer Creek 10 mile event to look forward to now. Saturday morning came and Chandra woke me up to get going to the marina and get checked in. I was the first one there other than Gords and Josh. I chatted with Josh and joked around that there was no place on my arm to draw my race number on because of my tattoos. Josh said to just put it on my forehead. We had the pre race safety meeting and was off into the water to the starting bouy. Josh did the count down and sounded the buzzer and I was off. I probabally started off to fast but I got into my groove pretty quick. The waves were strong for part of the race but I had been training in the GSL so I was used to it. I was swimming my normal route to Black Rock and I had a kayak keep trying to push me closer to shore. The problem with this is the water becomes really shallow and I have to shorten my stroke and slow down. I just kept swimming my normal route I picked up my head to sight and ran right into the kayak. I asked him to leave me alone and he did. when I finished I was the 6th person out of the water. with a time of 28 or 29 minutes. my time was thrown off because I was in the 8 mile group. No big deal I still took off 10 minutes from my time last year. I was the first in the guys in the age range of 35 to 40 there was one gal I think 41 that beat me other than that they were younger "kids" that beat this old fat guy. It was a blast and once again Josh and Gords put on one heck of a race. cant wait for it next year 8.12 miles you will not elude me in 2013!

                                                 My Awesome wife after the race my #1 fan

                                                    Getting ready to grease up and swim

Start of the race

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rough Waters

Mondays swim was a good one. there were quite a few people that showed up at the marina because KSL was supposed to be there to do a story on the race this weekend. They never showed up imagine that. We all got in the water and headded out of the marina to the red bouy. Goody, Kim, Lang and I took off towards Black Rock. Josh stayed close to the marina with the other swimmers. the wind was blowing pretty hard and the lake was mad as hell. the best part was that you could stick your head into the water a little more than normal and it was just as peacefull as ever, water was crystal clear and the bottom was awesome to watch. I finally made it to Black Rock in 46 minutes. probabally the slowest mile I have ever swam. I looked at Lang who was paddiling along side of me and he had white spots all over him because he was getting pelted with waves along the way. A few minutes later Kim and Goody got there and we chatted for a bit and took off towards the marina. Goody had goggle issues so he hiched a ride with LAng on the way back. I was swimming with little effort because we were swimming with the wind. I was basically body surfing the whole way back. at the red bouy I stopped my watch and it said 19 minutes. We were flying. total swim for the day was 2.2 miles with the first half being a heck of a work out. Listen to the first part of the video you can here Lang say UH-OH.....LOL

Monday, June 4, 2012

Awesome Saturday Swim

I went to the Marina Saturday for a swim and met Lang there so he could get aquainted with what he will have to do this Saturday for the race. The water could not be more perfect. it was clear as a bell and I could see the bottom pretty much my whole swim. Lang also did a great job paddling just on the last lap of the Gridley Straight he got side tracked and started looking around. No big deal I told him that he did not need to stay to close to me on the way back. I also got to see Josh and Gords finish there swim from Antelope Island so that was cool. when I got back to the red bouy I looked and saw Gords and Josh headding towards me. after their 8.12 mile swim the added on another 1 mile back to the marina. those guys are animals.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Swim before the clinic

I showed up early at the marina so that I could get some milage logged before the clinic at the marina. I was in a hurry to get in so that I could get 2 laps to Black Rock and back. on my way to Black Rock the first time I decided to sprint as fast as I could go. I started my timer from the red bouy and was off. when I got there I stopped a little short but when I stopped the timer is said 19:43 so I figure if I would have gone allthe way to the race finish line it would have been 22 to 23 minutes. I was hauling butt and had a good current pushing me. I swam back to the bouy and in to the marina to get a drink. I forgot it in the truck. got back in and went back to black rock. I got there and tryed out my new GoPro camera and got ready to head back to the marina for the clinic. when I was leaving Black Rock I spotted Gords headding in on the last 500 or so yards to the rock. I took off and headed towards the marina. when I got back I knew Gords would be there quick and I was not out more than 1 minute and here comes Gords. That guy is an anmial. I went up to the marina and listened to what Josh and Gords had to say and realy learned alot from them. everything they do for the open water sport in Utah has been great. I put some more grease on and headed back out to the green bouy with the people from the clinic. Gords simulated a race start and everyone headed to the white bouy and back. when I took off I realized that I had been sitting around for to long and was really sore. but when I got back to the bouy was feeling ok again. I sat there and chatted with a few people from the clinic and just became a bouy of my own in the GSL. I chatted for quite a while with Josh about random things and finally met Matt. we waited until everyone was headding back into the marina and then we were on our way as well. but guess what. sitting there bobing around chatting stove me up and I was sore again. swam back into the marina got dried off and things put away with a total milage of 5.2 miles some of that was drifting and chatting so we will call it 5 mile day. going to be short on milage for the month but I am sure all will be fine.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warm GSL swim

I was back in the GSL yesterday for a short 1-1/2 mile swim. I wanted to go further but Josh was delayed helping Rachael change a flat tire on the freeway. The water was 68.5 degrees in the marina and as always is cold getting in. I swam out tohru the marina to the red bouy and chatted with Josh and waited for Etsuko to catch up to us. I have not been in the water as much as I have wanted to because of work so this week is the get your butt in gear week for me so that I can taper for the GSLOW race a week from Saturday. Josh and I swam the 1 mile bouy route while Etsuko swam from the red bouy to the white and back. I used to be able to keep up with Josh but like I said my training has suffered from lack of being in the water. as I was swimming I noticed somthing that I dont normally see the BOTTOM. I was neet to see the sands and the rock formations on the bottom of the GSL. In the channel where the sailboats go out you could see where the boats had scraped the bottom and made their mark. we got done and back to the red bouy and decided to swim to the white bouy and back into the marina. Josh beet me to the bouy and had his camera out and snapped a few pictures. we chatted for a bit and I stated that I would be intrested in doing another open water race at Echo if someone were to help. Josh said he would help so I guess I will start getting information on putting on a race next year. here are the pictures that Josh took. Total swim 1.5 miles roughly

Friday, May 11, 2012

Still Swimming

I havent posted in a while because my Hydro tracker quit working on me. I have been swimming in the sucky pool and in the GSL. But with my open water swims I have been basically guessing at how far I have gone. To put it short I dont like dealing with FINIS they have had mt Hydro Tracker for a week now and I have nothing. Ok rant over I swam with Josh, Jim and the side stroke guy (cant remember his name) at the marina yesterday. the wind picked up when we got into the water and when we left the marina it was choppy. Josh and I swam to Black Rock and back in a Little over an hour including our stops for hydration and chatting. on the way to black rock I could see the waves coming in to me so I could Time my breathing accordingly. On the way back I am one of those swimmers that if I try to breathe on my opposite side I take on more water than normal so I dont do it. the wave were beating me up pretty bad. when I finally got the the bouy I talked to Josh and we agreed to call it. when we got back to the marina there was a guy and his wife loading their sail boat and taking down the mast. It looked like a major pain in the butt. we watched them for a bit and went on our way. funny thing is as soon as we left the wind died down and the chop went away. go figure!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I was a Little early getting to the Marina yesterday. with the weather I did not think any one was going to make it. and right on time here was Gords. I drove over to the bathrooms to get changed and then back to the boat ramp. I got greased up and we were off. we swam to the first bouy and from there decided go do the same route as we did Saturday. the waves were rough getting used to swimming thru but in the same sence it was fun being tossed around by them. we got as far out in the lake as we were going to go and started swimming towards the white bouy and as we got closer realized that it was not there anymore. so we guessed where it was and from there swam back into the marina. we stopped in the entrance and with the way the lake was today it was slowly sucking us back into the lake. it was a cool feeling being able to see the current work like that. somewhere in the swim I asked Gords what the water temp was and he said it was 54 degrees. way colder than it was on Tuesday. all in all a great swim we put in 2 miles in about an hour. heres the link to my hydro tracker that has been a great investment.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First 60 degree water swim

After last Thursday's scare we were back out to the GSL marina for another swim. I met Josh Green and Gordon Gridley in the parking lot. I was a little late so I was hurrying getting ready. I got greased up and walked to the boat ramp and everyone was ready to go. we swam out the the bouy and chatted for a minute dand decided on what to swim. Josh wanted to stay close to the marina after what had happened last thursday so we all agreed to swim a box pattern around the bouys. after 1 lap Josh decided that he was ready to call it and swam back to the marina. Gords decided to do one more lap so I tagged along. we got back to the marina after doing another lap and chatted for a bit. I really have met some great people that like to swim as much as I do. I also am glad that Josh is doing well and back into the water with us. about an hour in the water and 2 mile swim complete here is the link to my hydro tracker to see where we swam

Start of an new idea.

Well here it is. I talked to Chandra and told her I was going to start a blog about my swimming adventures. I finally decided to do it so here it is.

Last year I decided I was getting fat and needed to loose some weight. So naturally I decided that swimming would be the best way to do it. For those of you that dont know me I have swam since I was about 6 years old until I graduated High School. Then I took a 20 year break. I had enough of swimming I felt I was forced into doing it throughout my carreer. Little did I know my Mom and Dad were doing it to keep me out of trouble. While doing this they were trying to raise 3 other kids and barely making ends meet in the process. I just wish I could of understood what was going on so that I did not take it for granted. so back up to last year, I was going thru Facebook and came across Utah Open Water and The Great Salt Lake Open Water Marithon Swim. I Liked both pages and went from there. I signed up for the 1 mile swim at the GSL and I thought I did pretty well for being an old fat guy. From there I decided that I would swim the 5K event at Deer Creek. In the process of training for this event I decided to coach my oldest son's football team so the traing was non exestent. I did do the the swim and finished in 1:47 some odd minutes. I was really proud because I swam the 5K without being in the water in over a month. This year I am doing the GSL 8.12 mile swim and planning on doing the Deer Creek 10 mile swim, the Bear Lake 7 mile swim and the Super Slam at Slam the Dam in Vegas. I have a Full Plate ahead of me and an AWESOME supportive wife and a great family backing me SO here goes here is a story of my open water adventures.