Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Catch Up

Haven't posted in a while because life sometimes gets in the way. Since the last post most people know that my beautiful wife had brain surgery to remove a tumor. during her stay in the hospital was quite a feat for me to stay strong for her and to take care of the stuff she normally takes care of, with out her sisters Jill and Melissa's help I would of failed. tumor was a non cancer tumor and she is recovering awesome. I wish I was as strong as she is. I was able to get to the pool a few times to continue training for the GSLOW swim on the 7th and I bought a new suit to wear for Chandra during the race. it was a typical late spring morning in Utah the morning of the race and we started a little shallower than last year. one we started I walked until I figured my hands would not touch the bottom without messing with my stroke. it took about 500 yards to get loosened up and I felt like I was in a nice groove. I decided it was time for my first feed and stopped for it and looked at my GPS and I had been swimming for an hour and covered 2.63 miles. I felt awesome from there on I would stop every 30 minutes for my feeds I also was in a good groove and felt like I was flying in the water. I had no shoulder pain and spending 30 seconds or less with my feeds. well past the halfway point I noticed the current was pushing me towards Saltair and I was trying to get back closer to my paddler but was struggling. I made it to the edge of the break wall for the marina and knew I had a little more than a mile to go and was way off course. I decided I would not stop for anymore feeds and just swim to the finish. as I got closer to block rock I was still fighting the chop and the current and ran out of water to swim in, I could not believe how much the lake had dropped in 2 weeks time. I waded until the water got deep again and swam for another 200 to 300 yards until I was at the beach. I was right behind Stacey and she took off running towards the finish line and if you know me I don't run. I walked about 200 yards to the arch and stopped my watch 4:33:18 and total mileage was 9.53 for my 8 mile swim. it was a great swim and I felt good most of it. the best part was my buddy Ryan had brought Chandra to the finish line and she was there for me when I got done. There was nothing better than being able to give her a hug and a kiss and seeing her pretty face.

Here are a few pictures of the Race.

   I also swam yesterday in the pool 3,200 meters 1000 warm up 1000 pull 1000 kick 200 warm down and looking forward to Bountiful Lake this afternoon.