Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Early morning Pool swim

I finally got my lazy self out of bed this morning and got to the pool at 4:15 and was in the water by 4:30 and this is what I did.

400 free warm up
400 kick with fins

1000 free
500 kick with fins 100 flutter, 100 dolphin, 100 back stroke, 100 back dolphin 100 flutter
250 back stroke

1000 - 400 free on 6:30 300 free on 4:45 200 free on 3:10 100 free get under 1:30
400 kick with fins - 200 flutter 200 dolphin
50 breast stroke

Butt Kicker Set
600 free 20 seconds rest 400 seconds free 15 seconds rest 500 seconds free 10 seconds rest 300 free 5 seconds rest 400 free no rest, open turn right into 300 free

200 cool down

I was supposed to do a 500 cool down but ran out of time and had to get out to go to work the butt kicker set really kicked my butt. I am really tired mainly because I have been burning the  candle at both ends this week. my hand is getting better by the day and there was virtually no pain during this mornings swim

6800 SCY today

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