Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Playing with the Monster

After taking a couple of day to let my swim sink in I figured I better do a report of it. I went up to Bear Lake Tuesday morning after I got off work to check on water temps. When I got there I took a temp from the marina and it read 63 degrees. I walked over to where we started the 7 mile swim and waded out to knee deep water and it read 61.8 degrees. I walked back to the truck and called Gords. he said lets do it. I then sent out texts to my crew and drove home to get things ready. On the way up to the lake I was picking up Sara and Gords, Sue met me and Chandra at our house. we were talking about swimming and other things and drove right past the exit to get Sara and had to turn around to get her. I was then smart enough to get off the exit to get Gords and we headed straight to the marina. We got everything loaded into the boat and I went over my feed schedule and asked Gords if he wanted to be in charge. I told him that if I needed to be pulled to not second guess himself and to pull me. with the colder water temps hypothermia was an issue. I asked Sara for a prayer and we launched the boat and were off to the north shore. when we got there the bank was perfect if I was going to go duck hunting but not good to start a swim. Gords looked at hid GPS and we were about 1 mile away from the marina and headed that way. it was really dark the night sky was only lit by the stars and we almost hit the break wall. Sara turned on a light in just the right time. we decided this is where I was going to start and I started to grease up. I got out of the boat and pushed them off and crawled over to where I thought I could get in easy. I started my watch and stepped into the water to fall down, so much for easing into it. I stood back up and walked to where it was deep enough I could swim and took off. my first feed was scheduled for an hour away and I got myself into a good groove and at the first feed I said has it been an hour already? swimming thru the night was quite fun with every breath I could see the sky full of stars and the Milky Way was lit bright. my feet got cold but with every swim I do they tend to get cold, so no worries there. every 30 minutes I would take a feed and try to get back into a good groove. the lake was smooth as glass for most of the swim until I got into the middle. there was some good chop but nothing like I haven't swam thru before. I got thru the chop and the lake returned to glass. I remember saying at one of my feeds that it was a great day to be swimming. At my 6 hour mark for the EC qualifier I asked how the temps were doing and Gords said not good. I was kinda pissed off that the water was not cold enough but I was here to swim the length of Bear Lake, so I stuck my head in the water and kept knocking off the miles one hand in front of the other. Towards the end of the swim I knew my stroke had gone away and I was slapping the water and not getting a good pull. I was getting tired. After a feed Gords told me anchors and made a stroke motion and it sunk in what I needed to do. My lower back was killing me and my right shoulder was now trash and my left hand was numb. Gords yelled 1 and 1/4 miles to go. I said no more feeds.  Gords got in the kayak and was going to paddle the rest of the way in with me. the wind picked up and started blowing right into my face and I was swimming thru white caps. I raised my head and told Gords that I didn't thing I was going anywhere. I could see the bottom, I could not touch it and it looked like I was moving 1 inch per stroke. My mind was all over the place then I thought scuba, if its rough on the surface go under water. I tried to swim under water but that didn't work either, so I pushed with everything I had. I finally made it to where I could stand up and started walking out. while I was walking out I ran into some broken off reeds and fell down a few times trying to get thru them. Gords told be 20 yard away was a clearing to head that way. I finally made it out of the water and walked up to the beach and sat down. I had just swam the length of Bear Lake in just over 13 hours. Gords came over to me and gave me a High Five, it was one of the best high fives I have ever had.

here is my information from the swim stolen from Gords!
MileTimeElapsed time this mileTempStroke rateFeed *ConditionsNotes
11:18 am33 min62° F65 spmNoneGlassySue learning to drive and doing well
21:51 am33 min62° F65 spmLiquid mixGlassySue is an awesome pilot! Chad looking smooth
32:24 am33 min63° F63-64 spmLiquid mixGlassyChad is a machine! Gords concerned about the higher than desired water temps, but no reason to stop.
42:58 am34 min65° F (two separate readings)64 spmLiquid mixGlassyWater almost feels warm to the touch. Extending the thermometer to about 2 feet down. Same reading on thermometer
53:33 am35 min63° F62 spmLiquid mix + Swiss RollA little breeze from the north (tailwind)
64:10 am37 min64° F61 spmLiquid mixAir temp is 62°, water is warmer than air temp.Chad says his back hurts.
74:50 am40 min64° F (two separate readings)61 spmLiquid mix and aBuzz BiteWind from the south, getting choppy.Like a doofus I accidentally stepped on the mercury reading thermometer and it broke. I will submerge my watch to get a digital reading. I'm getting really sleepy. Asked Sarah to resume observing duties while I sleep for one hour and I should be good.
85:29 am39 min65° F60 spmLiquid mixStill pretty choppyChad's stroke rate is dropping, but he is in good spirits. Doesn't say much. Feeds are very quick.
96:15 am46 min64° F59 spmLiquid mixLess wind, chop turns to ripples now.Light on the horizon. When I awoke from my 1 hour nap I feel very. Chad's stroke rate is slowing. Says his feet are cold, but his core feels fine. His speech isn't slurred. Will continue to monitor his condition at feeds for hypothermia.
107:02 am43 min63° F59 spmLiquid mix, Buzz Bite and Swiss RollLess wind, chop turns to ripples now.Chad asked what the temp was. We told him and he seemed a little disappointed. I explained we still submit, and if it isn't accepted as a qualifier we try a different swim at the needed temp. He went right back to swimming.
117:53 am51 min62° F59 spmLiquid mixHardly a breeze now, just some ripplesThe sun is up and it feels great.
12.58:59 amN/A61 spmLiquid mix, Buzz Bite, IbuprofenNo wind now, nice and smooth!I ask if Sue wants to pace swim with him so I take over piloting the boat while she changes. The throttle has a little "click" that takes it into first gear and then after only a few seconds of steering throttle to neutral and coast. Chad is now at a point where he's never swam this far before. Chad tells Sue he is feeling a little cold. He puts on his tinted goggles.
139:23 amN/A63.162 spmLiquid mixGlassySue pace swims. Chad's stroke is less efficient. Sue is making him increase his stroke rate though, so that is good.
1410:06 am43 min6362 spmLiquid mixGlassyChad comments "What a beautiful day!" I think I saw him smile. That is extremely rare. Sue got out a while, ago but I continue to drive. It's kinda fun. Easy to observe him and pilot cause I gotta keep the boat right at his pace.
1510:53 am47 min6364 spmLiquid mix, Buzz BiteGlassyChad's stroke rate is up. He asked how much further. Seemed to like the "3 1/2" response. In good spirits. Air temp is toasty!
1611:36 am40 min6460 spmLiquid mix, Swiss RollSlight rippleSarah gets in to pace swim. She has to slow down. Chad seems tired, but steady. Chad requests Advil next feed. Beach is visible from here. Sue takes over piloting.
17no readingN/Ano readingno readingLiquid mix, IbuprofenSlight rippleAt this feed Sarah accidentally loses the pen and it floats away while Chad takes his liquid and Advil. I untie the kayak and jump in to get the pen. We're close enough now that I can paddle and be ready to capture some video.
18no readingN/Ano readingno readingnoneSee NotesHad a slight tailwind breeze, notice up ahead that the water has serious ripples, once we get there the wind completely shifts from southerly to northerly and we have some serious headwind. Very windy. Chad comments to me that he feels like he isn't going anywhere. Wind is directly at our 12 o'clock and we have white horses!
19 (Finish)13:55:16N/Ano readingno readingnoneSee NotesI paddled into shore and noticed a small black patch. When he arrived there he started walking and the black patch were a bunch of reeds that made it really hard for him to walk over, I noticed that the patch ended about 20 yards off to his left and encouraged him to walk around instead of straight in to avoid them. He fell a couple times cause they hurt to walk over and too thick to navigate through. When he arrived on the beach he sat down to soak it in. I let him soak in his success without smothering him. I gave him a high five and he got lots of cheers from the girls on the boat waiting about 200 yards off shore.

below are some pictures from my swim.

Me and Gords Looking at the weather before the swim

Somewhere on the lake
Night swimming
Sara taking notes
The Main Man on a girls boat
Captain Sue
Awesome wife and feed maker
Getting close to done
Made it 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Still swimming

So I have started the shutdown at work and I am working some crazy hours, but I have been swimming still and I am making time for my training. Thanks Gords for meeting me last night for my workout and the pointers on my stroke. I got to the pool a little before he did and I did 1000 warm up and 100 with PT paddles. When Gords got there he had a workout ready and we were off. The total workout was 6500 yards and it felt good for the first time in a couple of weeks. I still have a bad cough and I am getting g better. I take a cold shower every night followed by my 5 year old dumping 2 bags of ice over me. He really likes it and says Dad you are crazy. Getting used to the cold water in hopes I can complete my Bear Lake swim next week. I would but the details of my workout in this post but I downloaded the app because I won't be close to a computer for a bit. Next work out will be tonight and will post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

afternoon swim

This afternoon I made up for this morning and this is what I did.

300 easy warmup
200 kick

400 - 2 x 200 on 3:00
100 back

500 free get under 8:00 I got 7:50

800 - 4 x 200 free on 3:00

200 - 4 x 50 kick with fins on :55 I got a major cramp in my thigh and had to stop to get it out half way thru this

500 free get under previous time I got 7:40

600 - 3 x 200 free on 3:00

400 - 4 x 100 IM one arm for the fly portion
500 free match the previous time I got 7:50

1000 - 10 x 100 free on 1:30 my but was a draging

500 warm down I did a mixture of free with PT paddles and back

6000 SCY total

now off I go for a cold shower and Ice bath

I did swim

So I did swim yesterday after being off for several days being sick. I just cant seem to shake this bug that I got. I was feeling a lot better when I went to the pool and actually did 6000 yards in between coughing fits. and when I got home I promptly ate dinner and took a cold shower followed by my ice bath. when I woke up late to meet Gords at the pool I have a really nasty cough and not feeling myself again. so here is the workout I did yesterday.

Gords called it the Double Momma Workout.

Warm up 250 free 150 non free choice 200 pull

Warm up drill set:
4 x 25 flutter kick on your side on :35
4 x 50 ( 25 back 25 free)
focus on a strong kick and keeping your hips high on the backstroke portion

Main Set:
8 x 200
odds: 50 back - technique focus/150 free moderate on 3:00
evens  50 back build 50 back strong 100 free fast on 3:15

on the technique focus portion, focus on 1 of these 3 things:

1 - pointing your toes and kicking through the hip and not the knees

2 - reaching high on each arm recovery imagine you were trying to scrape your ear with your bicep

3 - pinky in as you begin your stroke and thumb out as you finish your stroke

Kick Set:
4 x 25 flutter kick with board held in tombstone position - rest :15
4 x 50 streamline kick moderate 25 dolphin or breast kick 25 flutter kick - rest :20

Warm down:
200 easy choice

Then I repeated it one more time through.

I feel really bad about not being able to set an alarm and then waking up late. I was out of the house in 5 minutes but Gords had already left. He now has my permission for a slap to the back of the head when I see him again. I did not swim this morning, but on my way home from work the pool will be calling my name. I will update later tonight.