Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Friday, June 1, 2012

Swim before the clinic

I showed up early at the marina so that I could get some milage logged before the clinic at the marina. I was in a hurry to get in so that I could get 2 laps to Black Rock and back. on my way to Black Rock the first time I decided to sprint as fast as I could go. I started my timer from the red bouy and was off. when I got there I stopped a little short but when I stopped the timer is said 19:43 so I figure if I would have gone allthe way to the race finish line it would have been 22 to 23 minutes. I was hauling butt and had a good current pushing me. I swam back to the bouy and in to the marina to get a drink. I forgot it in the truck. got back in and went back to black rock. I got there and tryed out my new GoPro camera and got ready to head back to the marina for the clinic. when I was leaving Black Rock I spotted Gords headding in on the last 500 or so yards to the rock. I took off and headed towards the marina. when I got back I knew Gords would be there quick and I was not out more than 1 minute and here comes Gords. That guy is an anmial. I went up to the marina and listened to what Josh and Gords had to say and realy learned alot from them. everything they do for the open water sport in Utah has been great. I put some more grease on and headed back out to the green bouy with the people from the clinic. Gords simulated a race start and everyone headed to the white bouy and back. when I took off I realized that I had been sitting around for to long and was really sore. but when I got back to the bouy was feeling ok again. I sat there and chatted with a few people from the clinic and just became a bouy of my own in the GSL. I chatted for quite a while with Josh about random things and finally met Matt. we waited until everyone was headding back into the marina and then we were on our way as well. but guess what. sitting there bobing around chatting stove me up and I was sore again. swam back into the marina got dried off and things put away with a total milage of 5.2 miles some of that was drifting and chatting so we will call it 5 mile day. going to be short on milage for the month but I am sure all will be fine.

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