Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grantsville Swim

I have been wanting to swim at the lake in Grantsville for quite some time and Sunday I made it happen. I took my family to the lake Sunday afternoon put the kyak in the water and got everything ready. Chandra was on the shore line watching the kids play in the water and skipping rocks. Colton got in the kayak and I got in the water. It took me a few minutes to get used to the water temp. it was about 66 degrees. I was off I wanted to swim around the lakestaying close to shore but far enough away from all the fishermen lined up around the lake, and to try to stay away from the small boats on the lake fishing. When I got to the first turn I was really sore and stiff in my shoulders I took a drink from Colton and took off again. as I was sighting I saw a boat getting closer to me so I pinned myself inbetween him and Colton in the kayak. I stopped for a minute and I could here the guy in toe boat complaining about me swimming and messing up the fishing. I got to the 3rd turn and took another drink and told Colton where to aim for as I was swimming I caught myself staring at the bottom and at all the fish that would swim up to see what was going on and then scatter. It was quit funny. I got back to where Chandra was at on the shore line and got a sandwich she had made and scarfed it down. I told her that I wanted to do another lap and just when I was getting ready to get back in it started to down pour. we rushed back to our cars and just went home. the lap was just about a mile according to my hydro tracker. Yet a fun swim and I will be there alot leading up to Deer Creek.

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