Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First 60 degree water swim

After last Thursday's scare we were back out to the GSL marina for another swim. I met Josh Green and Gordon Gridley in the parking lot. I was a little late so I was hurrying getting ready. I got greased up and walked to the boat ramp and everyone was ready to go. we swam out the the bouy and chatted for a minute dand decided on what to swim. Josh wanted to stay close to the marina after what had happened last thursday so we all agreed to swim a box pattern around the bouys. after 1 lap Josh decided that he was ready to call it and swam back to the marina. Gords decided to do one more lap so I tagged along. we got back to the marina after doing another lap and chatted for a bit. I really have met some great people that like to swim as much as I do. I also am glad that Josh is doing well and back into the water with us. about an hour in the water and 2 mile swim complete here is the link to my hydro tracker to see where we swam

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