Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lower water Levels

Went for a swim again at Grantsville. When I got there I looked at the lake and it was as calm as a sheet of glass. I had Ryan with me to paddle to keep the boats off of me. We carried the boat down to the lake and got in and took off. I stayed closer to shore this time because of the lack of fishermen and made a wide path trying to get as much distance as possible. Half way into the swim my shoulders were tight and my lower back was hurting a bit but by the time I finished my first lap I was feeling pretty good. I chatted with Ryan for a bit and took off for another lap. ¾ thru the front part of the lake I ran into a fishing line, Ryan had been yelling at me to go further out in the lake to miss them. I could not hear anything he was saying I was concentrating on singing Josh’s song 100 bottles of beer on the wall. After Ryan apologized to the couple fishing from the shore and explaining what I was doing he caught up to me to see me freak out, I had a swimming partner come up and get a close up of this idiot swimming on the top of the water. Scare the crap out of me. I finished my second lap and wanted to do more but it was starting to get dark so we called it. Ryan asked how far we had gone so I told him about 3 miles is what I had figured. To my dismay after checking my hydro tracker it was only about 2 miles. Grantsville uses the water from the lake for irrigation so all I can assume is that the water level has dropped and will continue to do so until the irrigation is turned off. I still have not decided what event I will swim this Saturday at any rate I feel I am better prepared for this weekend no matter what event I decide to do. here is the link to the Hydro Tracker

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