Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Friday, April 13, 2012

I was a Little early getting to the Marina yesterday. with the weather I did not think any one was going to make it. and right on time here was Gords. I drove over to the bathrooms to get changed and then back to the boat ramp. I got greased up and we were off. we swam to the first bouy and from there decided go do the same route as we did Saturday. the waves were rough getting used to swimming thru but in the same sence it was fun being tossed around by them. we got as far out in the lake as we were going to go and started swimming towards the white bouy and as we got closer realized that it was not there anymore. so we guessed where it was and from there swam back into the marina. we stopped in the entrance and with the way the lake was today it was slowly sucking us back into the lake. it was a cool feeling being able to see the current work like that. somewhere in the swim I asked Gords what the water temp was and he said it was 54 degrees. way colder than it was on Tuesday. all in all a great swim we put in 2 miles in about an hour. heres the link to my hydro tracker that has been a great investment.

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