Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Longest Swim of the Year in the GSL

I got to the marina really early because I work across the street, by 4:30 I was wondering if anyone was going to show up. Right then everyone did. I met Josh, Gords, Sara, Sam and Lisa. This was Lisa's first time in the GSL and she rocked it. I wanted to do 2 Gridley Straights but when I left the protection of the break walls the seas were churning. I started behind Sara and was following her and then went around her. I think the waves were bothering her. I swam non stop to Black Rock and checked the time. I was at a 35 minute mile and was slightly disappointed.I looked around for a bit to see who was behind me and I couldn't See anyone.they must of turned around. I took a drink and headed back towards the marina. the waves were starting to pick up and I was being pushed to shore. I had to turn and swim directly into the waves to make it back to the marina opening. I got to the red buoy and took another drink and decided that I wanted to swim more than the 2 miles that I did, so I started swimming directly into the waves out towards the middle of the lake. The waves and swells were getting pretty big, I would swim hard to get on top of them and get my face slammed into the bottom of the next wave. I swam until I was getting tired of my face hurting and turned around and headed back towards the marina opening. This was the payoff for swimming directly into the waves because I was basically body surfing on my way back in. the only part I don't like about it is when the next wave comes to push you you get sucked backwards slightly. I got back to the boat ramp and looked at my watch. 3.11 miles in 1:28:07 minutes. water was warmer and it was a good workout to go along with my aerobics class.

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