Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nice GSL swim

I met Gords, Sarah and Lisa at the GSL for what turned out to be a nice warm swim. We all decided to at least go to Black Rock once. While we were getting in a guy stopped us to let us know that there was a sail boat race getting ready to start, it was nice to have someone else looking out for us. We made our way into the water and took off towards Black Rock. The first quarter mile I was really sluggish and was having a hard time warming up, but by the time I made it to Black Rock I was feeling Pretty good. When everyone got there we stayed and chatted for quite a while and took a couple of pictures, the water this shallow was really warm. The lake was as calm as ever and made for a great swim. While chatting Gords had mentioned that he was probably going to do to laps. we chatted a bit more and we were off back towards the marina. I noticed that I was swimming straighter and was sighting a lot easier, must of been from the calm lake. I got back to the red buoy and got a drink then followed Gords on a Second lap. on the was back to the marina I made a wide path to make sure I got the total 4 miles that I was looking for, when I got back my GPS said 4.02 miles. So total swim for the day was 4.02 miles in under 2 hours

Hers the link to the GPS

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