Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Interesting pool swim

Today I actually got to the pool on time and hoped right in to get a long swim in. My plan was to swim a time 5000 yard swim to see if I have improved any over the last week. at about  mile into my swim I noticed the lane lines disappearing on both sides of me and some one then tapped me on my shoulder on one of my turns. I stopped to see who it was and the gal from the front desk said that they had a water aerobics class starting and that I would have to stop swimming because one lady was concerned that I was watching her from under the water. I asked her how much the class was and if you had to sign up in advance. She said that it was free with your membership and that you could just show up. I said thanks and took my goggles off and proceeded to join the class. I found the ornery lady really quick and moved into place right next to her and started doing what the instructor was doing but opposite so that when we would turn we were facing each other. every time our hand were supposed to come out of the water I would give her a high five and tell her "this is awesome great work out" I stayed for the whole class and at the end when we were getting out of the water a cute old lady came up to me and said it was really fun watching me in the class and hoped that I would join next week with them. That was the Icing on the cake for me and I know it burned my high five partner pretty bad. So next week water aerobics here I come.

Work out for today 2,000 yards and 45 minutes of water aerobics! Cant wait for the GSL this afternoon

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