Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Friday, April 25, 2014

A.M. Pool swim

I got to the pool a little later than I would have liked and took my time getting into the water.
I sat in the steam room to help warm my body up for about 10 minutes. while sitting in there I could hear some moaning, singing and yelling. I walked out to see a guy getting out of the pool and he gave me a high five and said "I did it! 10 laps without stopping, Ive never done that before" I said great job and promptly jumped into the water and took off. I wanted to really work on distance and my stroke today to try new things to help with my lower back hurting so much. I really concentrated on keeping my head down and stretching out my stroke. it worked back did not hurt today at all. was not a bad work out just a little short of my planned 5,000 yards but ended up with 4,000 yards in 1:12:41 and not a sore back!

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