Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GSL and morning swim

RI went to the GSL yesterday afternoon to meet with Goody and swim. I got there early and waited around the parking lot and read the new displays they have at the look out. I was looking out into the lake and it was white capping in some spots and I knew it was going to be a fun swim. When Goody got there we greased up and chatted for a bit and got in up to or waist. we stood there for a bit while my watch was searching for satellite's. we swam out into the mouth of the marina and the waves were pushing me back inside so I had to pour it on to get to the first buoy. we got there finally and decided to swim down the buoy line until we got to the 5th one. we made it to the 3rd one and decided to turn around and head back to the first buoy. it took us 32 minutes to get to the third on. on the way back we decided we were going to stop at the second buoy and the way the current was pushing us I completely missed the buoy. when I got back to the first buoy I looked at my watch and it took 10 minutes to get back. talk about a current! we then decided to swim directly into the current for a bit and when we stopped  a big wave came and on the down side of it I could feel the bottom. when I stood up the water was about chest deep. the current was pushing hard enough you could not stand in one spot. when we started back towards the mouth of the marina I knew I had to swim at an angle to hit the mouth, but when I got there the current had pushed me enough that I had to swim into it at a sprint to get into the marina. water was 58 degrees inside the marina and a little colder out in the lake and made for a good swim. the whole time I was swimming all I could think about was the English Channel next year. I cant wait for it to be here! on a side note I also swam 2 miles in the pool this morning and with the 1.4 I finished out at 3.4 miles for the day. A little short of what I wanted to do but with the current I figure I got my workout in.  Here is the link to the GPS for the swim at GSL


This morning I got to the pool late and was only able to get 3000 yards before I had to leave for work. the only good thing about the pool that I go to is its open 24hrs a day so I can go back pretty easy so I am planning on going back tonight for at least another 3000 yards. whatever they did to to pool I am glad because its colder and water is much more clear as well.

When back to the pool tonight to get my yardage. Ended up swimming another 5000 yards! All I can think about is my English Channel Attempt next year.

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