Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Monday, August 10, 2015

I have been busy....Its been a while

So after much thought and my wife giving out my blog address and with my English Channel swim coming in about 5 weeks I figured I would write in here again for the few that follow my miss adventures. This last weekend was a big weekend for me swimming wise. I was signed up for two marathon swims in two days. One was at Lucky Peak lake just outside of Boise and the next day was Deer Creek here in Utah 11 miles one day and then 10 miles the next.

Dam to Dam

We left for Idaho Thursday mid morning and arrived just in time for the pre race safety meeting. Oscar has put on a heck of a race the last few years and I was ready for this years race. he went thru all of the safety information and we were going to meet at the start point at 5:30 a.m. to start. I caught a ride with Josh to the start point and we got everything down to the water I  was ready to go with plenty of time to spare. Josh threw his feed on the boat with Ryan because his support was going to meet him in the first mile by where we camped. we took a few pictures and we were off. my plan was to try to keep up with Josh for as long as I can, I find it easier for me to push myself if I have someone to swim with. that plan worked until just past half way when I stopped for a feed and told Josh that he didn't need to slow up for me. Just like that he gradually pulled away. I really enjoyed this swim there is always something cool to look at and the water temps are great. I finished the swim in 6:12:42 it was a little slower that I wanted it to be but I felt really good, probably better than I have felt in a while.Like I said Oscar really pulls out all the stops for the swimmers and he remembered my Dt Mt. Dew at the finish line and had one waiting for me. This is defiantly a swim that I will try my best to be at every year.

Deer Creek

Next up was the Deer Creek 10 mile swim, we drove most of the night to get there at 1 a.m. and I crashed hard in the RV. We got up at 6 and made out way to the lake. I had been icing my shoulder all night and when I went to sign in Jim had to take a picture of it. I talked to a few people I had not seen since the Bear Lake swim a few week ago and gave Rachelle a suit I promised for her dad to use and then got greased up to go. We took a few pictures and we were off. I really didn't care what my time was going to be all I wanted to do was finish. the first few strokes hurt pretty bad but I got loosened up fast and was just swimming at a good pace not pushing it but not sinking either. after I got to the 10k turn around the wind picked up an was giving me a little trouble but not bad. I got to the final bay and stopped for a feed and glanced at my watch and it said I had already gone 5 miles. I thought of turning around then but Ryan said he could see the turn around buoy so I swam after it. long story short I think the wind caused it to break loose and I was just adding on the miles to finally get to it. It was either that or Gords talked to someone to get them to move it back to get more miles out of me....haha. the wind had really picked up and I was swimming thru nothing but huge white caps I looked back and Ryan was like a sail, he could not keep up. The safety boat cam and asked if I was OK and I asked them to go get either Josh or Sue to take over for Ryan, he had just paddled 11 miles the day before and I'm sure he was cussing me then. Ryan got into the State Parks boat and they followed me until Sue got to me I looked over at the 10k turn around and there she was. I stopped for a feed and she told be when I got to the next bay it was smooth again. by this time fighting thru the rough water my shoulder was hurting and my hand was numb. (I really need to figure out why it does that from time to time) with about 1.2 mile to go I looked over and seen Josh in the Kayak next to me with Sue on the other side. Thanks Josh I need you there it really helped. I finally made it to the finish line and my battery had gone dead on my watch so I guessing it was  close to 12 mile that I swam in just under 7 hours. DONE my weekend of swimming was done and I was really tired and sore.

So next time I tell someone I'm going to swim two marathon distances in 2 days please slap me. but on the other hand if this was a test I think I passed and I am ready for the Channel in just about a month. Swimming thru all the chop reminded me of my swim last year across the length of Bear Lake. The last mile there was the same as about 4 miles at Deer Creek.

My last big swim this year before I go to England is done. All I will be doing now is putting in the miles and Ice baths to get ready.

This weekend also is two more milestones for me this year. I have swam 843 mile to date this year and it was my first Back to Back Utah Triple Crown.

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