Stage one complete

Stage one complete
English Channel

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Two days of workouts

So I got out of bed late this morning and slowly got to the gym to do today's workout. I am usually in the water swimming by 4 am. I got changed and sat on the deck with my feet in the water and zoned out into a daze. I was staring at the other end of the pool and started to see myself swimming the EC. I stopped for a feed and Gords threw it out to me so I could take it, and the boat captain said what are you stopping for you don't need anything! I shook my head and jumped into the water and started my workout 45 minutes late.

Here is what I did the last two days:

Objective: Streamline off the wall!

Warm-up - 900 yds:
200 easy swim
500 - 5 X 100 on 1:30 (FOCUS ON streamline after flip turn)
200- 8 X 25 @:10 rest [odds drill/evens perfect freestyle]

Main Set- 4,000 yds
**four times through**
200 stroke of choice @:10 rest
2 X 200 free on 3:00
100 stroke of choice @:10 rest
2 X 100 free on 1:30
2 X 50 @:10 rest - drill/swim by 25

Cool Down- 500 yds:
300-4 X 75 @:10 rest [kick, drill, swim by 25]
300 easy choice

Total: 5,500 yards

Focus on endurance and holding a threshold pace.
Before swimming configure your watch to show your pace last interval.  Data field: "Pace- Last Interval" On the 100's you'll have to hit the lap button at the start of the
100 and again at the end of the 100.  Then look at the Pace from the last interval and make a mental note of where it's at.  At the end of each round of 10 x 1OO's take a rough average of what the pace was for that set of 10.

Warm up:
600 free
200 kick

1000 free straight@ 80% (Get time)

10 x 100's@ 90% breath left side only (breath every 2 strokes) (get pace on watch at end of 100) :15 rest  Hit the lap button at the start/end of every 100.

10 x 100's@ 90% breath right Side only (breath every 2 strokes) (get pace on watch at end of 100): 15 rest Hit the lap button at the start/end of every 100.

I had to cut the workout short because I slept in. Normally I would go back to the Gym and finish the workout but today is the day I get my kids.

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